SABC to Idols judges: No Khaya interviews

2012-10-04 10:13
Sam Brighton
Cape Town - Gareth Cliff and Unathi Msengana will not be interviewing Idols winner Khaya Mthethwa on their SABC radio shows.

On Thursday Sowetan Live reported that Metro FM presenter and Idols judge Unathi Msengana had been told by her station manager that she may not interview Khaya.

She told the newspaper: "This morning [Wednesday] an instruction was personally given to me by my station manager not to interview Khaya. No explanation was given. I had to obey and ask no questions because he is my boss."

SABC spokesperson Kaizer Kganyago told Channel24 that as no cross-promotional agreement existed between Idols and the SABC (who own Metro FM and 5FM), a conflict of interest would arise from such interviews.

"The SABC rejected Unathi and Gareth's request to interview Khaya as they are conflicted."

Kganyago said other SABC radio presenters had interviewed Khaya, and that this decision pertained only to Msengana and Cliff, who is a 5FM DJ, as they are also Idols judges.

M-Net's Communications manager Lani Lombard confirmed to Channel24 that "scheduled interviews for the breakfast shows on 5FM and Metro FM were cancelled on Tuesday night".

However, Khaya was interviewed on Metro FM on Wednesday night.

Unathi and Gareth are both presenters on their respective stations' breakfast shows.

Unathi did not respond to queries from Channel24 before publishing this article. 


  • nramohale - 2012-10-04 10:21


      tebo.go.5 - 2012-10-04 14:23

      Conflict of interest is letting your breakfast show host to be judges in a competition reality show. Duuuuuur

      paul.nefdt - 2012-10-04 14:25

      Wow what a bunch of brilliant twats.. The first BLACK SA Idol & the Broadcaster funded by majority black people, DENY the Idols winner a chance to talk to the public!! Talk about a bunch of sore losers, so what if there is no "lets both make money" agreement, this is about the listening public not the bank accounts of SABC Radio.

      matthew.swanepoel.9 - 2012-10-05 08:28

      How will my life continue without that interview!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

      ndzululeka - 2012-10-08 06:48

      LOOSERS indeed

      athena.becks.1 - 2012-10-11 17:20

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  • classwar.trotsky - 2012-10-04 10:33

    Small inanities to keep the plebs minds on meaningless cr@p whilst the machinery of capital ravages the land.

      michele.holmes.1238 - 2012-10-04 13:08

      Capatilism is not bad. Despotism and the despot's idea of capatalism (ie. theft from taxpayers) is bad. That is what is ravaging the land dude.

      classwar.trotsky - 2012-10-05 10:05

      Agree to disagree.

  • Tilt777 - 2012-10-04 10:34

    What a wonderful democratic country we live in - NOT !!!!!!!!

  • neil.frandsen - 2012-10-04 10:48

    So SABC radio stations cannot interview all sportsmen who ply their trade on Super Sport? Which is pretty much the entire South African sporting comunity...

  • tony.kirby1 - 2012-10-04 10:48

    How petty can you get. Thousnads of fans of Khaya must now tune into OTHER radio stations to hear him being interviewed. But not two of the top radio stations serving that sector of idols fans. Lesson on how to chase listeners away. Next step will be not to aloow their music/songs on these two stations.

  • lukanyo.mantyi - 2012-10-04 11:04

    That's a pity

  • Mahlobo - 2012-10-04 11:32

    This doesn't make sense! If interviewing Khaya is a "conflict of interest", assuming the reason is because Idols is an MNet show, why then does SABC show pictures from SuperSport on their news bulletins? Just asking ... Khaya is not an MNet Idol nor is he a DSTV Idol - he is a South African Idol!

      marius.j.rensburg.3 - 2012-10-04 12:51

      Because the according to SABC the interviewers were judges as well - but ja, I hear you, it remains trivial bs if you ask me... They WERE judges, not anymore, the show is over?! I don't see the problem.

      adrian.boulle - 2012-10-05 09:08

      Another thing to, the judges had nothing to do with Khaya winning. He was voted for by the public. So where is this conflict of intrest? If you ask me Unathi and Cliff should either work for SABC or Mnet. I'm confused!

  • lindokuhle.malindela - 2012-10-04 12:52

    yin kodwa umona kwa SABC??

  • Louise Whittingstall Barnard - 2012-10-04 15:15

    Hey Pierriewaaier! What happened to freedom of speech and choice? His vibe doesn't do it for me? And you have the right to your opinion too! But its wrong to say someone is dumb and stupid just because their opinion differs from yours! I think that makes you the intellectually challenged one, doesn't it?

      pieriewaaier.zooms - 2012-10-04 16:35

      of course you have a right to your opinion but if in the process your are insulting ( as you are) then your opinion does not warrant to be published publicly. He is a talented entertainer and give him credit for that at least. Talking about 'vibe': Your vibe is repulsive and incoherent too because you insult him yet claim the right the freedom of speech & choice! So, graanting my freedom of speech you remain the intellectually challenged in my books, by all means.

  • kgomotso.matlaila - 2012-10-04 16:41

    Kaizer a u crazy? this is an oppotunity for people paying sabc licence to know Khanya (now public figure) more becaus they cant afford dstv. maybe 'conflict of interest' is defined differently from yours or sour grapes.

  • sabelo.nkwanyana - 2012-10-04 20:25

    Why do we have to politicize everything, the money we pay for our pay channel is taxed and part of that money is powering our SABC. We need really educated people to lead us, if we want to prosper

  • mbulelo.somzana - 2012-10-04 22:19

    SABC Kwakhala nyonini? If SABC is so perfect when it comes to 'conflict of interest' why not fire Robert Marawa who works for their rival Supersport? Double standards when there are tenders for ANC run SABC.

  • Louise Whittingstall Barnard - 2012-10-05 06:46

    Pieriewaaier are you for real? Get off your soapbox man!!! LOL How is saying I never want to hear him sing or otherwise insulting him? And saying he is a talented young man etc is a matter of opinion and I am of the opinion that he is not so great!!!!! So I dont agree with your opinion so you insult me and have the audacity to say I am a this and that!!!!! You need a reality check!!!

  • matthew.swanepoel.9 - 2012-10-05 08:27

    Darn I was really looking forward to that interview!!! How will my life continue now????

  • Louise Whittingstall Barnard - 2012-10-05 08:38

    Mathew.Swanepoel.......I know.... Oh the injustice of it, how will I carry on?

  • riaan.kruger - 2012-10-05 09:24

    ...people still watching that

  • justindeklerk - 2012-10-05 10:15

    Oh boo hoo. Can't believe I wasted time reading this, let alone writing this comment!

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