SA's Dean Geyer: Hollywood was unexpected

2012-09-26 21:52
Los Angeles - South African-born singer and actor Dean Geyer, who is currently starring as Brody Weston in Glee, says that he never expected to end up in Hollywood.

Geyer made his debut appearance in the hit musical comedy show in the fourth season as Brody Weston, a scholar at NYADA, the arts school where Lea Michele's character Rachel studies after graduating from William McKinley High School.

During an interview for the show, Dean said that he never would have expected to ever end up in Hollywood.

"The fact that I got booked for a role on Glee is a huge thing for me. If you grow up in South Africa, you don't expect to end up in Hollywood."

'I never saw myself in the arts world'

Geyer, 26, was born in Johannesburg but moved to Australia in 2001 where he completed his high school studies in Melbourne. He also started a band in his final year of high school.

"I was born in South Africa and a lot of people think I have an Australian accent, but it's actually South African," Dean said.

Already appearing shirtless in the first episode, Dean explained that he grew up in a very fitness-centered family and heading to a career in entertainment was a big surprise to him.

"I grew up in a very athletic, sport-orientated family. I played sports my whole life and have also done martial arts my whole life. So that's why I never saw myself being in the arts world.

"I think this is the break I was looking for, but in Hollywood you can never really tell," he said.

Watch the interview with Dean here:


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