Survivor SA’s David braved challenges despite suffering from lip cancer

2014-05-12 15:43
Cape Town – David de Wet beat the odds and stayed in the game as long as he possibly could.

But it all came to an end for him on Sunday night's Survivor SA when he decided to bow out before the end because he thought he wouldn’t stand a chance in the final.

Buhle’s final plea to help her vote out Sivu changed his mind, but it was all too late and David was sent packing.

We had a chat with David about what went down on Sunday night.

How did you feel going back to camp after Zavion was eliminated?

I felt pretty low. However, I also thought that Zavion got where he was because other contestants put him there. His personality helped him a lot in the game, we did everything for him. We cleaned his windscreen, we changed his wipers. It’s thanks to everyone in the island that he lasted for as long as he did.

Did you trust Sivu and Buhle after last week’s tribal council or did you see them as tougher competitors?

Everyone underestimated Sivu. Buhle was very quiet. She kept to herself a lot and didn’t do much. She played a very quiet game. Sivu did not even tell me that he had the idol. If he had told me, I would have advised him to vote Graham out as I feel that Graham is more of a threat to him than Zavion was. Graham is a very tough competitor.

Did you learn anything new about yourself while you were on the island?

There is no other place on earth where you can learn so much about yourself like on an island.

How tough was the final challenge for you?

It was very, very tough. Physically I had a hard time. My leg was acting up and I have cancer on my lip.  I had to fight through all of that and my lip was very painful the whole time. A lot of people did not know that.

What was your game plan going into Survivor?

My initial game plan was to form an alliance with somebody, but the younger contestants shut me out because of my age. I’m a lot older than they are so they never gave me a chance. That’s why I had to change my game plan. Eventually they did accept me but kept me on a need-to-know basis which I had no problem with.

Who would you like to see walk away with the million and why?

Unfortunately I can’t say anything about that but I will say that after watching last night’s game and seeing them all in the tent and how they behaved it’s clear that money can really change people. People under pressure do things that no one expects; a lot of people surprised me.

Did you think Buhle would last for as long as she did in the game?

I realised during the last challenge just how incredibly strong Buhle is. She really showed her strength and I was very impressed by her. If she never won that challenge who knows what would have happened to her? I personally think she would definitely have been voted out.

After bowing out of the challenge and asking to be voted out of the game why did you then participate in the fire making challenge at tribal?

I have loved and watched the show for a very long time going back to the Australian season. After considering what I had gone through in the game I felt that it was time for me to bow out, I had to bow out at that point. But at tribal I reconsidered and realised that this was a big moment and I have to be a part of it and I have to give it my all until the very end.

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