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The Leftovers Season 01 Episode 4 recap

2014-07-28 13:39
Mapleton – So it’s been about 6 weeks in Leftovers time since episode 2 which means a few things:

Tom’s hair has grown,

it’s Christmas

and everyone is even sadder than usual because: holidays.

This episode centres on the Garvey family so it’s all about Kevin, Laurie, Tom and Jill.

Let’s kick things off with Tom Garvey, so here’s what goes down for the Blondie on the run with his pregnant ‘friend’/ward:

1) He’s stuck in what-seems-like a homeless shelter with Christine. He’s got a new phone for Wayne to contact him on. It’s a flip phone from like 2006 and just when he thought life couldn’t get kakker a pantless man (with all of his goods hanging out but shirt on) accuses Christine of invading his dreams. He’s irate and violent, wrapping his hands around her neck and throwing her to the floor.

2) Tom loses it on him (because he pretty much snapped a while ago) other people have to restrain him and then the two of them leave in a hurry to the nearest hospital to check on the baby.

3) They get to hospital and baby is doing well but the doctors think that Tommy is the one that roughed his petite brunette sidekick up, so again, he runs off.

4) He hangs out at the bus stop and has a little crisis of faith about his cult leader, Wayne. He feels lost and wants to go home. But he doesn’t and goes back to the hospital to fetch Christine.

5) He gets her and they get on bus bound for God knows where. On the bus Christine meets another handsome young solider named Tom but their budding romance is cut short when the bus suddenly stops.

6) They disembark to find that the pantless man’s dream has come true. There are a large number of GR (mannequins) lying seemingly dead on the highway.

Up next we have the handsome massacre wearing patriarch of the family: Kevin Garvey, the G.R’s Laurie and baby Jesus stealer Jill:


1) First things first, there’s a dance coming up and Kevin really wants the GR to show up because the minute that they trespass on private ground (the soiree is being held at the school hall in aid of charity) he’s going to arrest them.

2) Someone stole the baby Jesus from the naivety scene in town. The mayor wants Kev to go out and buy a new one and tell the town that he found the original. Kev doesn’t want to. He knows who stole it. It’s his daughter Jill. He just knows.

3) While he’s busy processing this, his car just stops, dead. Freaky.

4) He hops in a truck and goes to stalk his daughter’s friends and tells them to tell her that she should give the baby back.

5) She doesn’t, he buys a new one and brings to the dance to tell the community. They do not care and seemingly never did.

6) He tries to flirt with Nora (again). But fails just as the GR show up. He arrests them but they’re missing quite a few members it seems. Nevertheless he’s satisfied as he goes home to find his wife and Maggie on his front stoep. Laurie has come to ask him for a divorce.

7) Jill comes home from doing a litany of nasty things to the baby doll representing Jesus to see her mom (as she serves her dad with divorce papers) and hands her the Christmas gift she was keeping for her under the tree. Kevin tries to comfort her but to no avail.


Join us next week for a trip to New York and more.

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