The Leftovers Season 1 Episode 2 recap

2014-07-14 12:51
The Leftovers, Kissthemgoodbye
Mapleton – ICYMI we’re going to give you the rundown every Monday of what happened on Saturday night’s episode of this mysterious new show airing at 21:00 on M-Net.

We've broken it down into tiny bite-sized pieces as sometimes the storyline might be confusing to follow.

9 things you already know from EP 1:

The Leftovers, Kissthemgoodbye

1) 2% of the earth’s population went missing on October 14th with no explanation and the leftovers are struggling to deal with it.

2) Kevin Garvey is the sheriff and he has clear mental health issues.

3) Jill Garvey (his daughter) is a rebellious youth at the moment with her friend and resident bad influence Aimee.

4) Tom Garvey (Kevin’s son) left his family in cold snow-covered Mapleton and went to a ranch in Arizona to join a cult with charismatic leader Wayne. He has issues with his dad and doesn’t answer his calls. The young blonde stud also has a crush on a pretty girl (whose name we don’t know as yet) in the cult. Wayne has told Tom in no uncertain terms to leave the girl alone as she is his.

5) Laurie Garvey (Kevin’s estranged wife) has also left the family to join a cult that formed in the wake of the 14th. This one wears white, smokes, doesn’t speak and is located in town. They are called the G.R.

6) Megan Abbot recently joined the G.R after Laurie and another member stalked her in silence. She’s trying to go through a sort of initiation in pledge house with Laurie as her mentor but is failing miserably and might leave to go back to her life with her fiancé.

7) There is a bald headed man (whom only Kevin has seen) shooting dogs.

8) Kevin REALLY wants his wife to come back and makes a scene at her new cult home to underline his point.

9) The mayor, Lucy Warburton, and Kevin DO NOT see eye-to-eye on much (anything).

8 things we learnt in this episode:

The Leftovers, Kissthemgoodbye

1) Wayne is a pretty bad guy from the looks of his police record. He says that he heals people from the pain of the 14th with hugs but somehow needs young girls in his bed to do so.

2) Tom is pretty serious about this girl in the cult (her name is Christine), so serious in fact that he kills one of the policeman who charge into the ranch to arrest Wayne because he threatens her. Poor Tom, calls his dad for help but there’s no answer.

3) None of Kevin’s underlings/colleagues believe his story about a bald headed stranger shooting dogs. They think he killed all those dogs himself. He also has to go see a shrink after the incident with Laurie at the G.R compound.

4) The Sherriff is obsessed with the G.R. Like, CLAIRE-DANES-IN-HOMELAND kind of obsessed. Picture wall with string connections and everything.

5) You have to surrender everything when you join the G.R. As poor Meg had to learn.

6) Wayne ‘gives’ Christine to Tom and tells him to keep her safe because ‘she is everything’ and it is not safe with him anymore as the cops are on his trail. He smashes the younger man’s phone to prevent tracking in his paranoid state.

7) Kevin’s dad (who used to be Sherriff) is in a mental asylum after he lost his mind.

8) The ex-sheriff is hooking up with the current mayor.

ONE N.B QUESTION WE HAVE: Why does Sherrif Kev have to wear mascara?

The Leftovers, Kissthemgoodbye

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