The Leftovers recap S01E03: All about Matt

2014-07-21 14:43
The leftovers,kissthemgoodbye
Cape Town - This episode centers on one character: Matt, who is this small town’s resident priest and hard-truth provider.

You see, our friend Matt has made it his mission in life to spread the message, no, not the holy word. The scandalous earth-shattering word that the people who disappeared on the 14th were not all good saint-like figures who God called back to heaven.

His theory? That this wasn’t the rapture but something else.

He publishes posters like this:

The leftovers,kissthemgoodbye

Here’s what happens to him in this episode:

1) He gets punched in the face during his sermon. Because of one of his posters.

2) The sheriff tells him to stop pissing people off on purpose with his truth about the departed posters.

3) He performs a hush-hush baptism (because the mother of the child has left the church since the 14th but the husband is still a believer.) Instead of the father paying/donating to the church for the impromptu service he gives Matt another scandalous story to tell on a notorious poster. The gossip is about a man (disappeared like the others) who gambled away his children’s college fund. Leaving them destitute.

4) He then goes to the casino where the man gambled to try and get more info but is rebuffed by the manager.

5) The bank wants to sell his church to a mysterious corporate buyer because he has defaulted on his mortgage and the property is in foreclosure. The corporate is paying cash and therefore there is no waiting period and he has to be out in a few days. He can stop the sale however if he finds a large sum of cash that is one dollar more than the mysterious buyer’s bid.

6) He tries to get the money from his sister, who is the woman (who you’ll recognise from previous episodes) that lost her entire family on the 14th. She wants him to stop his poster printing and then she’ll give him the money. Matt doesn’t like that and tells her that her husband (who vanished) was cheating on her. He then leaves.

The leftovers,kissthemgoodbye

7) His wife is an invalid, unable to take care of herself, as a result of a car accident that happened on the 14th. She has a caregiver who comes in everyday. Roxana (the caregiver) needs to be paid for her work. Matt has no money. Thus, Roxana threatens to leave.

8) Matt remembers that Kevin Garvey (the ex-Sherriff who lost his mind) left him something in a secret place that could save him. It’s money.

The leftovers,kissthemgoodbye

9) He takes the money and returns to the casino. He then, through the grace of God, triples his money much to the feigned delight of onlookers.

10) One of the onlookers follows Matt to his car as he tries to leave and mugs him. A newly empowered Matt doesn’t let them escape though and beats the man before taking back his money.

11) As he is speeding home he sees a child throw a rock at one of the G.R, he stops his car and goes to assist only to be hit on the head. He wakes and races to the bank to make the offer before the sale deed is handed over to someone else.

12) He’s too late because he's actually been in the hospital for 3 days.The church is sold. And the mysterious buyer turns out to be G.R. This means war.

The leftovers,kissthemgoodbye

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