The Walking Dead infects global TV

2012-10-26 17:20
Thinus Ferreira
Cape Town – The Walking Dead is now television's biggest global TV hit with the third season of the zombie drama luring massive viewership across the globe.

The show airs in South Africa on Fox FX (TopTV 110) on TopTV on Tuesdays at 21:15.

The third season of The Walking Dead, with South Africa just days behind, raked in huge viewership numbers through Fox International Channels (FIC) around the world with its strategy to make episodes of the show available as soon as possible to viewers.

In America The Walking Dead on the AMC channel is now the number one TV show in all of television (pay-TV as well as free-to-air) in terms of viewers 18-49, the demographic most coveted by advertisers.

Within a week of The Walking Dead starting in America, the third season started in 122 countries worldwide across Europe, South America, Asia, the Middle East and Africa to more than 16.2 million viewers.

In Latin America The Walking Dead is the number one TV show on pay-TV under viewers 18-49; on FX in the United Kingdom, Spain and Australia the show's third debut was also number one on pay-TV. Even in the Phillipines, The Walking Dead broke all previously held performance records for Western general TV entertainment.

In South Africa, where pay-TV viewers mostly turned to M-Net the past two decades for brand-new American TV shows, it is now an edgy Fox TV channel on the smaller pay-TV competitor TopTV which has the exclusive broadcasting rights to the show which viewers have to turn to to see the zombie drama which has invaded popular culture.

'Can't get enough of Dead'

In the show, which follows after a zombie apocalypse, a ragtag bunch of human survivors constantly flee in a search for safety, lead by an unwilling police officer Rick Grimes.

"The Walking Dead is without a doubt the biggest global TV hit of the moment," said Hernan Lopez, the president and CEO of Fox International Channels. "Our viewers can't get enough of Dead."

"This incredible global success is the result of a unique partnership and collaboration between FIC, AMC and The Walking Dead's talented team," said Sharon Tal Yguado, FIC's executive vice president of scripted programming and original development.

"The figures are a great stamp of approval for the quality that we believe our now-universally recognised series has," says Thandi Davids, FIC Africa director of marketing and sales.

Season three of The Walking Dead is already receiving rave reviews with the New York Post stating that the series is the "flat-out scariest, best, most unusual show to ever hit the small screen".

Newsday states that season three, "doesn't disappoint". The Houston Chronicle said that "in less than two years, The Walking Dead has jumped into a crowded pop-culture pool of serial killers, vampires and dragons to become a darling of the horror fantasy set."


  • Robert Frankol - 2012-10-26 17:37

    freaky stuff...

  • lyndol.lyons - 2012-10-26 18:04

    This is the best damn show ever! Pity DSTV didn't pick it up!

      renaldogouws - 2012-10-26 20:35

      Please... you must really be new to TV to label this the best ever... Oz, Outer Limits, Lost, Dexter, Breaking Bad, Top Gear to name a few.

      lyndol.lyons - 2012-10-26 21:14

      Renaldogouws - Nope, not new at all. Oz, Outer Limitz, TOP GEAR!!! Are you kidding me!!! Sounds like TV night with grandma. Yawn with a capital Y. Predictable and done to death.. Walking dead rocks for story line, acting, cinematography and for the ability to keep you at the edge of your seat.

  • alayren - 2012-10-26 18:33

    one of the better zombie series out there

  • Hannes Truter - 2012-10-26 20:22

    The world has become a place for zombies...

      dennis.partridge.79 - 2012-10-27 10:43

      are we not already all zombies?

  • masupa.tsela - 2012-10-26 20:53

    Wickedness has a thick purse! Until the righteous use their thick purses for good, wickedness will continue taking us all in its circle!

  • bizarro.jerri - 2012-10-27 00:56

    Zombies watching zombies. Read a book.

      dave.e.richman - 2012-10-27 13:39

      Newsflash for bizarrojerri: The Walking Dead is based on a series of books!

      mark.ross.779 - 2012-10-30 09:07

      Says the guy getting his news from the internet, and in the entertainment section.. for shame! Newspapers from now on for you (the ones without cartoons), I order it.

      mark.ross.779 - 2012-10-30 09:10

      And one of your favourite quotes on facebook is from Homer Simpson too??? Hahaha, I'm guessing you're just having a tough Tuesday morning.

  • eric.shinn.90 - 2012-10-27 09:29

    Those who have something negative to say have obviously never followed the season from the S1E1, it is hands down, the best show on the planet!

      dave.e.richman - 2012-10-27 13:23

      Eric..... You speak the truth!!!! THE best show ;) Can't believe that someone said Top Gear earlier!!!!

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