The Wild gears up for climactic finale

2013-03-27 14:16
Cape Town - M-Net's outgoing soap The Wild, which occasionally fell prey to controversy, behind the scenes drama and other setbacks, will end off in a climactic, hour-long finale on Thursday 28 March.

It was announced in August 2012 that M-Net had pulled the plug on the soap, after it was not able to attract enough viewers while continuing to rack up a costly production budget.

What was hailed as a difficult decision has also been deemed a necessary one by M-Net, who at the time of the announcement said that funds "could be spent on other productions that could possibly produce better ratings in a shorter period of time".

'Satisfying conclusion'

The soap, which started airing in April 2011, set out to fill the large shoes left by the long-running soap Egoli, which ended its 18-year run on the pay-TV platform in 2010, but was often plagued by behind the scenes controversy, contract disputes and natural disasters.

But now, two years later, The Wild is gearing up to close off its storyline on a major climax which producers have promised will not to disappoint viewers.

Rohan Dickson, head writer for the soap, told IOL that he decided to go for the popular telenovela approach when he started penning down the storyline for the last few episodes.

About the decision, Dickson said they decided "to end it a bit like a telenovela so that it comes to a satisfying conclusion".

'Major traumatic event'

Not giving away too much about the climatic ending, Dickson told IOL more about how the cards will fall in the end.

"We had three major narratives that were in play. The first one was the Maxine (Khabonina Qubeka), Itumeleng (Shona Ferguson) and Marang (Connie Ferguson) love triangle. That took prominence and is the primary narrative that leads us to the conclusion.

"It was very active a couple of months ago. We thought we needed to do it justice, also because of the calibre of actors - certainly with Itumeleng as the backbone of the show," he explained.

In the second major storyline, the Van Reenen family will come into play. Dickson reveals that the Uncle Charles storyline will conclude during the finale and focus on how the topical Van Reenen-family comes together as one during what is labelled as a "major traumatic event".

Teaser material

The third storyline is being kept under tight wraps, but speculation has it that it that will involve Jack (Tyrone Keogh) and Angie (Hayley Owen).

Dickson also revealed that other characters will be given a fair send-off in their various sub-plots.

M-Net has also released some teasers, previewing the appearance of "a ghost from the past", "a missing person - a devious trap" and "a shameful secret".

* The final episode of The Wild will air on Thursday, 28 March in an hour-long episode, starting at 19:00 for DStv viewers, and at 18:00 for terrestrial viewers.


  • Glen Mothata - 2013-03-27 14:48

    "M-net can make a few bucks back if they sold this crap soap/drama/yawnfest to the SABC. Those clueless political board members will buy anything no matter how old" MacGyver

      Rejeanne Nel - 2013-03-27 15:14

      @ Glen: Ha ha ha ha!!! I'm sure though, that those 7 viewers of this show will be nailed to their TV sets.

  • Jennifer Vermeulen - 2013-03-27 16:52

    I watch the wild and will miss it. Much better than the boring old 7de laan. So sick of all the other repeats, getting them for supper and lunch, wonder repeats they going to give us in its place? :(

  • Sergio Lasagni - 2013-03-28 05:59

    In my option 2 years to much. Thank god it's done. I won't be wasting my time watching the finale. Just hope mnet gives us something better to watch.

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