The 'clique' prevail as Mo and Phindi leave the Power Couple villa

2015-10-30 14:46

Cape Town – Mo and Phindi were the third couple to leave the Power Couple SA villa.

Sparks flew when the Durbanites were given a second chance against Ivan and Roshila in the villa as nobody left in the previous elimination. However this week it was back to business and this time around the clique prevailed.

We chatted to Mo and Phindi about the ‘clique’, the weakest link and life after Power Couple:

What do you think of the ‘clique’s’ friendship strategy in the villa? 

(Mo and Phindi laugh)Well, it works for them because they are all still in the game. It is also a very risky thing to do because it is a competition and only one couple can win. Their strategy can take them to the top four but then the clique is going to break down.

At the end of the day the winner should be a couple with the kind of relationship that people can admire and although we didn’t win we leave with that intact.

Who do you think is the weakest link in the group?

That is a very difficult and interesting thing because the game is so unpredictable so you can’t actually pinpoint a specific couple that you think will win or lose. A lot of it is based on whether you’re having a good or bad day and a lot of luck.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve banked the most money, if you struggle with a specific task and lose then that’s it, you’re out.

Now that you’re watching the show, did you discover anything different about the couples that you didn’t notice while staying in the villa?

OMW! Yes! 

We would firstly like to clarify that the group’s notion that we weren’t sociable and excluded ourselves is is a complete fabrication. We were always there and part of everything going on in the house on and off screen.

That being said we learnt a lot from watching now that we didn’t know. We realised the alliance had been created from day one and if you’re not included from the beginning it is very hard to get in. 

There is a lot of conniving behind the scenes and it’s amazing how we would be feeling guilty about not engaging more or thinking of ways to interact differently while everyone else already made up their minds behind our back.

How has your relationship as a couple changed since being on the show?

Our relationship has definitely become stronger. Our biggest downfall in the game was probably that we remained honest and true to ourselves but that’s okay because it is also something that has always seen us through over the years.

We learnt how to work together and saw strengths in our relationship that we never knew we had. We’ve learnt how to trust and rely on each other more which is good.

What are you and Mo up to now, or what have you been up to since leaving the show?

We are working together as a couple now on various projects. The latest project in the pipelines is a special one, it is scheduled to take form next year and will be a first for African TV so watch this space!

(Photos: Supplied by Power Couple SA)

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