The guys get shocked and plunged into water on Power Couple SA tonight!

2015-10-22 14:58

Johannesburg - This week on Power Couple SA, the couples renew their focus to go into the next round of individual guys and girls challenges.

Last week’s showdown between Mo and Ivan caused so much public discussion that the show trended at #1 on Twitter, but this week they temporarily set aside their differences to focus on staying safe and winning their respective challenges.  

Read all about that here.

The girls challenge will test their general knowledge in a variety of categories – from popular culture to sport. The twist: the guys choose which categories their partners have to answer questions from, and if their partner answers a question incorrectly, the guy will be shocked – quite literally – with a light bolt of electricity from a collar that is attached to their necks!

The guys challenge will have to answer some hard questions about their partners and relationships under major time pressure, whilst simultaneously being plunged in and out of a pool of water for their challenge!

Both of these challenges will test the couples physically as well as emotionally, and lead to tension amongst certain couples because of some ill-determined money wagers. On the back of last week’s explosive episode, will Mo and Ivan finally bury the hatchet

Watch a teaser of one of the challenges here:

Don’t miss all the action on Power Couple SA on M-Net (101) tonight at 19:30.

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