There's a new face on New Girl!

2015-09-18 12:29

Johannesburg - The stunning Megan Fox is set to make her debut on episode 6 of season 5 on New Girl when lead actress, Zooey Deschanel who plays Jess, goes on maternity leave.

Megan is set to play a pharmecutical sales representative name Reagan who will rent out Jess’ room when she goes on jury duty.

New Girl executive producer, Liz Meriwether says; "It’s insane to me that such a gorgeous person can be so funny, but I guess we just all have to accept it.

"I’ve been a fan of her comedic skills since This is 40, and I’m so excited to have her on the show. We had Megan in mind when we wrote this part — she’s the perfect person to come in and shake these guys up."

And shake things up she will! Megan has appeared in various sitcoms such as What I Like About You (2003), Hope & Faith (2004-06) and Two And Half Men (2004) where she showcased her varied comedic talents.

Season 5 of New Girl will premiere in January 2016 in the United States.

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