Top Billing Top 10 revealed

2012-07-11 19:31
Thinus Ferreira
Cape Town – The Top 10 contestants for the My Top Billing Dream reality show on SABC3 have been revealed and include a flasher, a navy doctor, academics, an opera singer, models, a law student and entrepreneurs who will vie to become the new Top Billing presenter.

Over the next few weeks the Top 10 will have to endure gruelling and highly pressured real production situations or hang up his or her top hat as they are integrated into the daily workings behind the scenes of South Africa's longest running TV show.

Top Billing executive producer Patience Stevens, Top Billing presenter Jeannie D and Jo-Ann Strauss were the three judges in the first episode of the reality show.

The show will primarily be recorded in Cape Town at the the African Pride 15 on Orange Hotel where the contestants will be staying.

"We wish each of the 10 finalists every success as they pursue their Top Billing Dream but there can only be one winner and that will be the one whose natural flair embodies the hallmark of excellence that has set Top Billing apart as South Africa's premier TV magazine TV show for the past 20 years," said Ed Worster, SABC3's acting channel head.

From flasher to opera

The contestants include Khanya Ngumbela, a former Zoopy presenter who wanted to study medicine or journalism to help people and says that Zoopy "was too scripted".

Lauren Wallet is an AFDA graduate whose current business is called Malva – a pop-up stall showcasing creativity from various designers in South Africa.

Zama Ngcobo is a former SABC1 continuity presenter who has recently appeared in SABC1 soap Generations and says she has a passion for media.

Jonathan Boynton-Lee is an adventure-seeker and revealed that he was adopted and recently found his mother.

Kerusha Kisten is a Durban law student who entertains with mimicking many accents and says she is determined to make her dream of being a Top Billing presenter a reality.

Lynelle Kenned from Paarl is a trained opera singer.

Zama Mtshali is a flasher girl for the Sharks and says being a Top Billing presenter "is what I want to do".

Chamendran Naidoo is a young doctor working for the South African navy and Greg Kriek has a degree in global business leadership and is a producer, writer and actor.

Lauren Blackwell is a drama student who lists dancing as one of her many passions. "I’ve always wanted to be involved in the showbiz industry, whether I am presenting, acting, writing or fetching coffee for the assistant of the assistant director."


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