We chatted to the first couple eliminated from Power Couple SA

2015-09-18 16:58

Cape Town - In last night's episode of Power Couple SA, Juran Banfield and Juanita de Andrade from Port Elizabeth were the first couple to be eliminated by their fellow contestants in the villa.

The pair, who were up against their favourites, Emile and Razia Samson from Johannesburg, were voted off unanimously by the remaining seven couples. They were the only unmarried couple in the series.

We spoke to the pair following their elimination and asked them if they would do anything differently (because we know it's always hard being the first to leave).

Looking back do you think there is anything you could have done differently?

No, we wouldn't change anything. Some people say we weren't hungry enough to win the game but it doesn't take a ring or a marriage certificate to change the game or make you want to win the game more. We were just being ourselves and therefore would do everything the same. 

What surprised you most about the competition?

The one thing that surprised us was the in the first episode when Juran asked me what our song was. Juran just picked any song hoping I would guess right. If we knew that question then I think we'd still be in the game and not at the bottom. But to this day we still don't know what our song is, which is funny. 


Did you have a strategy going into the game?

We had no strategy. We just had faith in us and our relationship. Mo and Phindi did come up to us at one point and asked us to have their back and vice versa but as you saw last night they stabbed us in the back. But other than that, it was just Juran and I, we were absorbed in our relationship and needed nobody else. 

Who do you think is going to be the next couple to leave?

We really don't know. We have a few ideas but we haven't seen or spoken to anyone since we left so we don't know how the vibe is in the house. We're watching the show with the audience, which is exciting.

Now that you’ve watched the show do you still believe Razia and Emile are the strongest couple?

Well Emile and Razia are definitely our favourite couple so to go up against them was bittersweet because we became very close with them. We would sit up until the early hours of the morning because Emile is such an entertainer, so we're happy to have lost to such a dynamic and incredible couple. If there's a power couple it's definitely them.

Watch their exit interview as soon as they left the house below:

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