A quick Q&A with the Rich Kids of Beverly Hills in LA

2016-01-15 07:52

Los Angeles – I can confirm that the cast of the Rich Kids of Beverly Hills are as interesting and fun to watch in real life as they are on TV.

During a recent trip to Los Angeles, Channel24 got to sit down with 40 journalists from around the world to meet, greet and interview the stars of the E! Network.

The Rich Kids of Beverly Hills return to the small screen this year with season 4 and of course this time around there’s a wedding as Morgan Stewart and Brendan Fitzpatrick get ready to tie the knot.

Along with their besties Dorothy Wang, EJ Johnson, and Jonny Drubel, the quick-witted Princess of Beverly Hills and her real-estate mogul Prince prepare for their dream wedding with all the glam only #RichKids could dream of.  

From the cake and flowers to venues and invites, every drama-filled moment in the 90210 will be Tweeted, Instagramed, Snapped, and Facebooked leading up to the big moment.  

Here’s what the fun-loving cast of the popular reality TV show had to say about the new season, fame and everything in-between:

Great meeting the #RichKids! #C24inLA

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Why do you think shows like yours and Keeping up with the Kardashians are so popular?

EJ:  Well I can’t really speak for the rest of those shows but I can tell you the unique thing about our show is the fact that we show a specific demographic that no one else really shows.  We’re all close in age, we’re all actually friends and we tell a story that you know only we can tell. And I think that that’s what the most beautiful thing about our show is. And that’s why people really relate to us because there’s really no one else, especially in the reality space, that’s telling this story.

How much has your life changed since first appearing on the show?

Dorothy: You know honestly not that much.

Morgan: It’s the weirdest question.  It hasn’t changed.  We’re still waiting for us to be like well we’re actually going to Brazil next week and we have x, y and z happening.  It’s been pretty much the same I mean right?

Dorothy: I think we’ve always have had really strong personalities growing up in the lifestyles that we have. People have always kind of watched us a little bit.  And now I think it is on a much bigger platform but I think that we’ve kind of been like this our whole lives.

Jonny: And I think we’ve actually gotten much closer as a group of friends.  Close before but now we’re much closer.

Dorothy: Yeah because we kind of share an experience that no one else does and no one else can really relate to.

When you broadcast your life on TV people who watch feel like they know you, but obviously you don’t know them. Do you sometimes have awkward run-ins with fans and how do you handle that?

Brendan: It happened to me today actually.  I was at a coffee shop and some guy came up and asked me for a photo. I go to this coffee shop every day and you know they have the trendy baristas who have no idea who I am.  And then they’re like; “Why was he asking you to take a picture with you?”  And I’m like well…

Morgan: I’m on a television show.

Dorothy: I think that we love it.  We love meeting and engaging with our fans, especially our international fans when they come to Beverly Hills.  They’re always trying to spot us. They always are trying to spot a rich kid somewhere on Cannon.  

EJ: We like to give that moment at the Ivy sometimes.

Morgan: We give that moment a lot.  We’re like OMG why are you here?

Dorothy: You want a selfie?  How long are you staying? Where are you from?

Morgan: This is such a coincidence.

Dorothy: Like I think we’re used to it but my mom and my housekeeper Elma, they’ve been getting stopped a little too much for their liking.

Morgan: No my mom got recognised at the airport.

Dorothy: Elma at Target and Costco.  She’s like I can’t even shop anymore.

So much fun! Thanks #RichKids for a great chat. #C24inLA @eonline

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So we get to watch you guys for our entertainment. But I’ve always wondered what do reality TV stars watch for their entertainment? What’s your favourite shows?

Jonny: How much time do you have?

Morgan: I mean I think Brendan’s goal in television is watching the worst shows ever and just sticking them out, like sticking through them.

Brendan: Well I like to see what’s going to happen.

Morgan: Yeah it’s always like the worst one but The Affair

Brendan: But it could get better.

EJ: Oh get into The Affair.

Dorothy: What channel is it on I can’t find it.

EJ: Showtime.

Morgan: It’s on Showtime, Dorothy. I told you. You have to watch it…

Dorothy: Do they have it on DirectTV?

Morgan: Yes, it’s epic.

EJ: Yeah they have it on On Demand.

Jonny: I’m a reality person. Every Housewives franchise, basically everything on E! and Bravo. Yes, I do like Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

EJ: I’ve been trying to get into more scripted shows lately.

Jonny: Well Scandal is coming back.

EJ: But get into American Crime. American Crime is so good.

Jonny: Oh and Downton Abbey is back in the US. I’m excited for Downton Abbey.

Morgan: That’s over Jonny.

Jonny: Now season six just started.

Morgan: Oh that’s the last one.

Jonny: Yeah those period pieces they bore me.  It’s so pretty.

EJ: I can’t do Game of Thrones either.

Jonny: I don’t do that it’s too much.

Apart from the wedding what is the main course of drama this year and how many sort of epic quarrels can we expect?

Morgan: Can you ask us next week?

Dorothy: Yeah you know we are very early in the filming of the season. But there has already been a lot of things brewing.

Jonny: And I think that this season we’re actually bringing in new people. We're adding our own friends to the mix. And so once that comes in...you know what happens...

Dorothy: Yes. There are a lot of different personalities coming together because we’re all very close but we also have one or two other really close friends. And so we’re kind of incorporating our friends all together at different events and that will be interesting to see how that goes too.

Morgan: I don’t think it’s going to go well.

Jonny: And let’s be honest. If one of us are tired or a little hungover...just don’t cross us.

Dorothy: Or hungry.

Jonny: Hungry! Exactly.There will be drama.

Morgan: I think this season is no BS going to be the most drama-filled season for sure.

Catch all the drama and wedding bliss of season 4 of Rich Kids of Beverly Hills on E! (DStv channel 124).

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