Bobby van Jaarsveld on the challenges and perks of filming a reality TV show

2017-01-24 05:01
Bobby van Jaarsveld

Cape Town – Local singer and Voice SA coach Bobby van Jaarsveld and his equally talented singer sister Karlien van Jaarsveld recently launched their very own reality show.

The show, titled In Jou Skoene, airs every Wednesday night on Afrikaans lifestyle TV channel, VIA (DStv 147) at 20:30.

In the series the siblings leave their lives behind to spend 48 hours in someone else's shoes.

Bobby took some time from his busy schedule to answer a few quick question about the show that has everyone talking.

What has been the most challenging part of having cameras follow you around?  

The camera crew were all so effective and professional and handled us so well that it was actually not challenging at all.

Which episode was the most challenging to film?

The episode with Vernon. For both myself and my sister Karlien. I have never ever thought that it would be so hard to be blind. I knew it was hard, but this was beyond my understanding of being blind. (Read more about the episode here)

Which episode was your favourite?

I really enjoyed the rhino episode! It was extremely interesting to experience a bit of their challenges to help stop rhino horn poaching.

How has this journey changed your outlook on life?

It changed my perception of certain things completely. You think you know how it feels to be poor, to be blind or to be in a children’s home. We have no idea whatsoever! I am always grateful for all my blessings, but these experiences have taken it to a total new level of appreciation for what we take for granted in life.

What do you want people to take away from the series?

It must change their hearts..... And their opinions. Everybody has a story. Do not judge. If you have not walked a mile in someone else’s shoes, do not judge!

How did you get time in your busy schedule to film it?

It was extremely hectic, but we made time for this. This was such a special, special journey!

Will we see a season 2?

I hope so!


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