Bonang Matheba gives the people what they want

2018-07-22 00:00
Bonang Matheba

City Press TV review: Being Bonang

Channel: 1Magic (DStv 103)

Day and time: Friday, 19:30

Popular reality show Being Bonang has crept back into our Friday nights, despite its star Bonang Matheba, saying it wouldn’t return at the end of season one.

For Bonang, the show was created to celebrate a particular phase in her life as she was turning 30 – but things in pop culture change quickly, as we all know. As 31 approached, Bonang transitioned from being the glamorous TV star living the dream and dating one of the most popular rappers on the continent into an even bigger TV star with a rapper ex.

Put yourself in her heels. Why wouldn’t you want to show noisy Mzansi how you get over the guy who subtweets and subraps about you? In season two, Mo’ghel (a word that Bonang coined and will now feature on her limited edition T-shirt line with Spree) returns with even more vigour, confirming why South Africans are obsessed with anything she says and does.

The show is funny but unfortunately has cheesy themes like Bonang wanting a puppy and so, half the show is about this desire that we all know is unrealistic for someone like her and making the episode unimaginative and predictable.

Now if Bonang’s life and lifestyle aren’t something you particularly care for, that doesn’t mean that you won’t enjoy Being Bonang.

The first season provided an interesting glimpse into the life of Queen B, the people around her and the things that inform her star power – it even launched the career (and I use that word loosely) of her cute baby cousin Pinky Girl. In the new season Pinky Girl is back as Bonang and her former management try to launch little her cuz’s entertainment career. For some reason – and let it be known I love Pinky Girl – she wants to be an actress, which is a terrible idea and no one seems to be talking her out of it. She’s great to watch but only on a reality TV show. And that’s not meant for everyone.

Then there’s Bonang’s other bestie Lorna Maseko, who has quite a prominent role in the show, but we really could do without her. Lorna’s persona flip-flops between being who we think Lorna is to almost being a carbon copy of Bonang. It’s really uncomfortable yet so fascinating to watch.

The show is riddled with humour and moments that portray Bonang as the girl next door who’s living an extraordinary life.

There’s a certain authenticity about how Bonang blends the glam that she loves and shows off with a consistent thread of a kasi girl. As Tumi Morake tweeted: “Say what you will about @bonang_m you can never bring her down because she has reached incredible heights in this industry.”

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