Cliquey couple gets the cut on Power Couple SA

2015-11-13 13:53

Cape Town - Ivan and Roshila Jarosz from Pretoria became the fourth couple to be voted out of Power Couple SA.

The controversial pair, who in challenges past were incredibly confident about their friendships in the house, failed to get the backing of any of their peers this week.

They were unanimously voted out of the series in a dramatic and tense episode.

We chatted to Ivan and Roshilia about all the commentary on Twitter, the drama with Mo and Phindi and that last challenge they faced.  

You've been a big talking point on Twitter. How have you been dealing with all the negative comments?

Ivan and Rosh:
We haven’t really seen any negative comments. In fact we have been overwhelmed by all the positive comment. We knew that episode would be hectic but so far the positive outweighs the negative. It’s also been amazing to see how people have been approaching us in public. We didn’t even think that we would be recognised. The reception from people have been so good and sweet. With regards to the negativity it has to be approached like water off a duck’s back.

There were some heated confrontations with you and Mo and Phindi. Watching the show now do you think that situation could have been handled differently or would you still play the game that way?

Ivan:  I really regret the comment I made to Mo and Phindi about the challenge. We had no problems with them.  I just knew that going up against them we had a better chance of staying on. When I heard there would not be an elimination I was just happy that we both got an extra week in the house.

Rosh: What wasn’t shown in that episode is that we actually had a good conversation with them in which we talked about everything. There isn’t this terrible tension between us. When it comes to strategy people are usually opposed to seeing it so openly it’s usually done covertly. Ivan is very open and it is something to be valued.

That last challenge was very tough for you, do you think you could have done anything differently?

Rosh: I could have not navigated or had a sense of direction and that Ivan wasn’t blindfolded! (Laughs). It’s a highly stressed environment and there are a lot of things that people watching don’t see. We said earlier on in the competition that we love well and fight hard. We talked things through and Ivan apologised.

Ivan: I wish that I hadn’t reacted that way, I have apologised I got really upset, but I know my wife loves me.

Watch it here:

Did you feel betrayed by the clique and do you think your actions led to you being eliminated?


Dylan actually mentioned that there was a changed in me. We were in a competition, you lose focus and you get tired, and there’s immense pressure. Like Rosh said I am an open book and that negative energy was very transparent. We knew that we were leaving and I didn’t want Dean and Crystal they are an amazing couple. Do I feel hurt that we got sent home? No, it was the best decision.

How has your relationship as a couple changed since being on the show?


I have learnt to appreciate things more. Marriage is compromise and a labour of love that we are constantly working on. We have learnt a lot about supporting each other, when and also how to support each other.

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