David Blaine ends up in hospital after shooting himself on camera

2016-11-17 14:01

Cape Town – Master magician David Blaine is well known for his death defying tricks. 

He has been buried alive, frozen in time and stood on a pillar 30 metres high for 35 hours.

For his new ABC show Beyond Magic he prepared a twist on his original stunt bullet catch, in which he catches a bullet in his month. 

This time around however, he pulled the trigger himself. 

Things didn't go as planned though as the bullet snapped the protective mouth guard in half which hit him in the back of the throat resulting in a laceration.

Watch it all go down here:

(fast forward to 37:10)

David suffered a cut to the throat and was taken to hospital. He told ABC afterwards that he was sure the bullet went through his head.

Despite the act going wrong he says he will do the trick in his live tour. 

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