Dean and Crystal rock solid after Power Couple SA

2015-11-27 14:45

Cape Town – Fitness professionals Dean and Crystal Mason from Cape Town became the fifth pair to be eliminated from Power Couple SA, leaving only three couples to battle it out for the winning title, as well as a potentially huge sum of money.

Seen as one of the couples to face the biggest challenges in their relationship, we had a quick chat to Dean and Crystal about struggling with challenges, a turning point in their relationship and the “clique”.

At first the other couples seemed intimidated by your appearance. How do you think that changed over the course of the show?

With regards to first impressions we think at first they obviously judged us on the exterior but as we started to get to know them they started seeing that there is more depth to us than just the muscles.

You seemed to struggle with the challenges on the show. Why do you think there was that constant struggle?

We think it was predominantly the amount of pressure one puts on yourself, you kind of freak out and actually don’t realise that its more about having fun and the experience together. The more serious you take it the more pressure you put on yourself which then makes you mess up all the time.

Towards the end we decided to just have fun and that made us more at peace with whatever happened. It also has a lot to do with luck and communication. We just happened to have a lot of bad luck and struggled with communicating in the beginning but it got better.

When do you think the game became more about working on your relationship, rather than winning challenges and banking money?

The change came after we had our little incident at the pool where we spoke things through and I (Dean) saw the exact emotions Crystal was trying to get across to me the whole time. I was taken up by doing the best to win but I realised it wasn’t just about winning the money, there’s a lot more depth to it.

Crystal added: things also changed when the guys had the skydiving challenge and we wrote down things that we really wanted to hear. We actually did the reverse of the challenge afterwards where I asked Dean what he would like to hear because you always think about what you want to hear but you should also think about what your partner wants to hear.

What are your thoughts on the alliance (clique) that formed in the house?

We were there for us, we never really want to beg people to keep us in the house or join an alliance. It was our game and as for the alliances ‘you keep your friends close and your enemies closer’ and that’s exactly what they are doing.

It is still a game at the end of the day but we were pretty neutral with everybody. There were some couples that we just got on better with but that’s just because of shared interests and values.

What are your most memorable moments from Power Couple SA?

Crystal: There were so many highlights but I will definitely remember Dean in high heels! I was laughing so much but at the same time just trying to support him and he did so well I’m so proud of him. And obviously watching him sky dive, it’s been on his bucket list for ages so just to see him enjoy that and grasp the real reason for the challenge was special.

Dean: I was very stoked at the way Crystal handled the eating challenge which was very brave. I also enjoyed the superhero challenge, being able to come and save was fun.

We took so much from this experience from not talking in the beginning and now we just talk so much and get things off our chests.

(Photos: Supplied by Power Couple SA)

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