eNews Channel expanding to UK

2012-08-08 11:27
Thinus Ferreira
Cape Town – South Africa's independent eNews Channel, which is changing its name, is going intercontinental by expanding to the United Kingdom.

The name change and broadening of the eNews Channel's footprint beyond the African continent comes as the SABC gears up for launching its own news channel in September on DStv which will be seen in South Africa and Southern African countries.

British TV viewers told Channel24 that the eNews Channel can now be seen there on the Sky pay TV platform where the Africa Channel+1 used to be seen.

"The quality is good on the channel. It's not on the Sky EPG yet, as its probably still a test and could launch officially in the UK when the rebrand of the eNews Channel comes into effect next month," said a viewer.

"The eNews Channel confirms it will launch in the United Kingdom," said the 24-hour news channel run by e.tv in a press statement.

Access to SA expat community

"South Africa's first independent 24-hour news service, the eNews Channel, can now confirm it will launch on the Sky digital satellite platform in the United Kingdom.

"The official date is still to be confirmed but is expected to take place within weeks. This gives us access to over 10 million homes in the UK," said Patrick Conroy, the group head of news at e.tv.

"What is really significant is that we will have access to the South African expat community. If they want news from home it is just a click away."

eNews technical staff are still conducting tests on the signal to the UK, said the head of technical operations for eNews, Rob Brown.

"Once we're happy everything is running smoothly, we will give it the green light. We're getting close to finalising the test phase."

New look, new name

The eNews Channel will also unveil its new look when it launches in the UK, said the channel.

"Due to our expansion we will have to rebrand our service to make it relevant to viewers abroad and here at home," said Conroy.

"It will be more of a brand tweak than an overhaul, viewers need not be concerned. It will still be the same news service with the same content.

"The only difference will be our appearance. eNews will not be rebranding its eNews Prime Time bulletin on e.tv or its Afrikaans language service on kykNET. Those brands will remain as it is. We're only rebranding the eNews Channel," said Conroy.

High-level insiders revealed in July that the eNews Channel will be changing to the acronymn ENCA.

The news channel will also be launching its new website by the end of the year with rolling online news coverage similar to CNN and Sky News.

"The development of this service is progressing as scheduled and details will be released close to the launch date of this service," said the eNews Channel.

Meanwhile, the SABC plans to launch its new 24-hour news channel early in September on MultiChoice's DStv, starting with six hours of new news coverage per day, looped four times over a 24-hour cycle.


  • goyougoodthing - 2012-08-08 11:46

    An independent news service not only manages to survive but is now expanding. With zero tax money and no help. It just shows once again how incompetent SABC is.

      goyougoodthing - 2012-08-08 12:22

      SABC IS A PUPPET FOR THE MUPPETS... Wake up. They lose millions, even with a TV licence fee... And now they want their own news channel... it will be as farcical as Morning Live pretending it's not an ANC mouthpiece.

      pieriewaaier.zooms - 2012-08-08 14:18

      @ Timmy.khethani. Fact still remains SABC is an extension of the ANC & has NO CREDIBILITY at all and is poor quality and and just not up to it. They can't even get the basics right so how on earth they're going to manage a 24/7 news programme is just way beyond their capacity and competence. Get alive Dude!

      william.letsong.5 - 2012-08-08 15:59

      timmy.khethani? don't call others dumb when you don't have an idea what you are commenting on. The enews channel is Live from 6 in the morning until 12 at night when Recorded eNews africa takes over. And for the record eNews broadcast four bulletins @7 one in Afrikaans on Kyknet and one on e.tv, eNews channel and eNews Africa each. They are broadcasting to Africa on eNews Africa and on the eNews channel 12hours a day LIVE. That's so many more bulletins than the SABC currently broadcast. Fact is the SABC is managed by a bunch of incompetent morons, who cannot even do justice to Morning Live's graphics.

  • nduduzo2 - 2012-08-08 12:33

    SABC has access to any amount of money they want from us. But look at them. They need to separate politics and broadcasting and hire competent people. They are WAY behind on everything.

  • thapelomat - 2012-08-08 13:00

    Big up to e

  • herbert.plessis - 2012-08-08 15:00

    @timmy.khethani: The SABC is a wasteful organisation that cannot, and will not do the right thing and report honestly. It is a slave to the Nkandla master, a subordinate to ideological misrepresentation and the corrupt policies of the ANC. The programming is so poor that no one I know of wants to pay for their TV licence. I remember the days when the restaurants were empty on a Monday because of Ally McBeal / Frasier etc. Not anymore.....

  • lance.manasse - 2012-08-08 18:21

    So pleased to see my observation being confirmed and posted on Channel 24! :) Well done e.tv SABC couldnt even manage to keep there dedicated news channel on air in south Africa (which was a terrible effort when i visited home in 2009/2010 by the way, no surprise they closed it down) yet e.tv has a 24/7 service which is now expanding to the UK!! And to think when e.tv was about to launch in 1998 MANY people said it would never survive on advertising alone! haa haa!

  • kontswidonald.tshabalala - 2012-08-09 13:00

    Interesting,E-News expanding!

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