From the secret world of furries to women turning into mermaids – Here are 9 must-stream doccies to watch

2019-01-11 16:44

Cape Town - If one of your intentions (because “resolutions” are so 2018) for this year was to learn interesting things about the world, take your pick from these documentary series and movies on internet TV to kickstart your education. 

They’ll open your eyes to unbelievable truths about our planet, our species and our societies, proving that truth really is stranger than fiction. 

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1. Andre the Giant (Showmax) 

This HBO documentary about the WWE superstar who was literally larger than life examines his career as one of the most beloved figures in wrestling, the myths sparked by his formidable size and strength, and his forays into the entertainment world. 

2. Earth: One Amazing Day (Showmax) 

The long-awaited sequel to the award-winning BBC Earth series, this tracks a day in different parts of the planet. Watch in startling HD how nature reacts to different challenges, and experience incredible animal encounters, all in one day. 

3. Fursonas (Showmax) 

They're controversial, loathed and even seen as dangerous. Many people recoil in confusion when they hear of furries. But what is this subculture really about? Delve into the topic that has a surprising amount of heart. 

4. Mermaids (Showmax) 

Follow the stories of five extraordinary women who don tails to escape reality. This fascinating documentary examines the growing "mermaiding" subculture and its allure to people around the world. 

5. Atomic Homefront (DStv Now) 

A horrifying and shocking documentary that looks at the corruption, greed and bad governance that has led to a Missouri community living next to a radioactive waste dump. 

6. Jane Fonda in Five Acts (DStv Now) 

Another gem of an HBO documentary, this film shows many sides of the Hollywood darling that you might not have seen before - her childhood as Henry Fonda’s daughter; her activism; her marriages; her image as a fitness tycoon; and her constant quest for meaning. 

7. Tidying up with Marie Kondo (Netflix) 

Not a documentary per se, but a reality show that is sparking a revolution in aggressive home-decluttering across the world. In this Netflix Original, the cleaning guru takes eight families through her signature KonMari method of tidying up - allowing them to keep only the possessions that “spark joy”. The cult following of this series is perhaps more extraordinary than the KonMari method itself. 

8. Casting JonBenet (Netflix) 

The murder of six-year-old pageant queen JonBenet Ramsey in Boulder, Colorado in 1996 remains unsolved. In this startling film, local actors from Boulder offer multiple perspectives on her murder as they vie to play roles in a dramatisation of the case. This documentary is topical this week because a few days ago, JonBenet’s brother settled his civil suit against CBS, which broadcast a documentary (not this one!) in which experts suggested that he was responsible for his sister’s death. 

9. Dogs (Netflix) 

Featuring six heartwarming stories of the incredible connection between people and their canine companions, this documentary shows us what we can learn from dogs - how to love unconditionally; how to serve; and how to tap into our capacity for joy. 


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