Get summer ready with WAGS Miami star

2017-10-20 12:16

Cape Town - WAGS Miami is back and the second season is bringing even more drama than we expected.

Returning cast members Ashley Nicole Roberts, Claudia Sampedro, Hencha Voigt, Darnell Nicole, Metisha Schaefer and Astrid Bavaresco are joined by newcomers Kayla Cox and Faven Liuget for even more fun and frolicking under the sun.

Hencha doesn’t just spend all her time on camera with her close friends, she’s also a fitness model with her very own workout routines. 

Check out a video here:

Here's a breakdown of Hencha's workout routine:

1. 7 reps – Travelling squat jumps (3 sets) 
2. 15 reps – Bent over rows (3 sets using 10-14kg dumbbells) 
3. 15 reps – Straight leg dead lift (3 sets using 8-10kg weights) 
4. 15 reps – Barbell good morning (3 sets using 8-10kg weights) 
5. 20 reps – Dumbbell high knee step up (3 sets using 5kg dumbbells) 
6. 10 reps – Raised Bridge with alternating knee crunch into push up and leg up.
7. 10 reps – Step lunges (3 sets) 
8. 20 reps – Fire hydrant with rotation (3 sets) 
9. 10 reps – Standing kickbacks with squats (3 sets) 

For all the WAGS drama tune in Mondays at 20:00 on E! (DStv 124). 

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