Hack the system with 6 hot new series and movies on ShowMax

2016-08-06 07:30

Johannesburg - Step back. Sit down. Big things are coming this August in the form of prime time binge-watching material. Huge titles like Ballers, The Office, The Flash and the latest season of Game of Thrones are coming to ShowMax this month, and the first week is no exception with some top-class titles now available. 

Check out these six new series and movies now available on ShowMax and bask in binge-watching bliss. 

1. Mr Robot

Programmer by day and hacker by night, Elliot is a brilliant techie with bad habits like sniffing morphine and smashing through your computer’s firewall. He’s sick of living in a world run by big business and shallow societies. And when he’s recruited by an elite underground group of mysterious hackers, he gets the chance to do something about it. First on the list is crippling large corporates through cyber-attacks – including the company he works for. This Golden Globe and Peabody Award-winning series is a highly original psychological cyber thriller that will have you gripped from the get-go.

Suspenseful, dark and intriguing, this cyber-thriller poses some difficult questions about capitalism, the internet, and the age of information.

2. Sons of Liberty

An epic miniseries about how the most powerful nation in the world was forged in the fires of civil war. See America’s Founding Fathers in a new light as they band together to lay the foundation for a nation where rogues became rebels, and rebels became heroes.  

3. Downton Abbey (S6 - The final season) 

The final season of the well-loved British drama is now on ShowMax. A gorgeously filmed drama set in a grand Yorkshire country house in the early 20th Century. Perfect binge-watching material.

Audiences quickly became addicted to this immersive series. You'll love being privy to the intimate details and intricate workings of the lives of the Earl and Countess of Grantham and their family, and the difficulties, dangers and drama for the servants who live at Downton with them. This is as authentic as period drama gets: actual historical events shape the plotlines, and filming took place in Highclere Castle. Maggie Smith’s Dowager Countess often steals the show with her dour, dry, hilariously snooty one-liners.

4. Mullets

Eugene Koekemoer and Wikus Nienaber are South Africa's unofficial Afrikaans mythbusters putting wild theories to the test. In each episode they give a whole new meaning to the term "scientific experiment". Make sure you bring protective gear.  

5. King Kong (2005)

Directed by Peter Jackson and starring Jack Black and Naomi Watts, this remake of the 1933 classic had a massive budget and won three Academy Awards. It’s three hours long, so settle in for a feast of amazing special effects and stellar performances. 

6. My Sister’s Keeper(2009)

Fifteen-year-old Kate has leukaemia. She also has a younger sister Anna, whose purpose in life is to donate blood, tissue and even organs to help to keep her sister alive. When Kate goes into renal failure, the family and the hospital staff turn to Anna as a kidney donor. But this time, Anna refuses, and she gets an attorney to help her sue her parents for medical emancipation. Once her parents receive the lawyer’s letter, nothing in their family will ever be the same again. Is Anna acting out of selfishness? Or is there something else going on?

All these shows and movies are now streaming on ShowMax, and with the mobile app ShowMax subscribers can download their favourites to watch offline wherever they are.

Go to ShowMax.com to sign up for your seven-day free trial. 

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