Here's what its like to get married at first sight

2017-02-24 15:07

Cape Town – Since its debut at the beginning of February viewers have been enthralled by Married At First Sight South Africa.

Six young South Africans have married complete strangers picked for them by a group of experts. 

The singles met at the altar on their wedding day and now have six weeks to build a relationship and then to decide whether to stay together or to part ways.

The show is a hot topic on social media and has trended on Twitter every week.

30-year-old Kay-Leigh Els is one of the brave singles on the show. She has been matched with Wesley Richard Collocott.

We had a quick chat with Kay-Leigh about the show and the experience so far. 

Why did you decide to sign up for the show?

I was intrigued by the concept. I'm quite an open-minded person and mentioned to my mom that I'd enter if there was a local version. I decided to take the chance on entering because even if there was a slim chance in finding love I was ready to take it.

Have you watched any of the international versions? If yes, was there a couple that inspired you?

I have watched the US and Australia seasons, of course Jamie and Doug are one of the most memorable couples but from an inspirational perspective I really admired Jess from the Aus Season 3. She was so genuine and honest and I really loved that she was so genuine about her insecurities. Of course things didn't go as planned for her with Dave but she handled herself like a rockstar. 

Did your wedding live up to your expectations/how you always imagined it would be?

My wedding was phenomenal! The venue and the food were unbelievable and my guests had a great time. I don't think I would have changed much about it. 

What was your first impression of Wesley when you saw him?

I thought he looked very handsome in a suit and that he had a sweet smile. He wasn't the type I'd usually go for but I had to keep in mind that my usual type hadn't worked out for me in the past and that I had to be the open minded person that entered the process. 

What has been the most challenging part of this experience so far? 

Moving in with someone who is in essence a stranger was very tough, especially since we had a fall out the day before so it added to the stress and emotion of it all. 

Watching the show, how did you feel about how it all comes across?

I have always stood by the fact that I'm an extremely honest and outspoken person. I think a person should always remain true to themselves but for people that don't know me, I think I do come across as a little overpowering. I also tend to make jokes when I'm nervous and I think people might interpret it as though I'm not taking things seriously. 

The show has been a hot topic since its debut. Did you expect all the viewer interest and what do you think it is about the show that draws people in?

I had no idea how the show would be received so it's incredible to see that so many people have tuned in! I think the reason people watch it is because, deep down, everyone is looking for a little magic and what's better than a modern day love story?  

See a sneak peek of this week's episode:

Watch Married At First Sight South Africa Fridays at 20:50 on Lifetime (DStv 131).

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