Idols SA: It's game over for Bevin

2016-10-31 13:13

Cape Town – On Sunday evening the night every Idols fan (except Bevin fans) was waiting for since the top 10 arrived.

Bevin Samuels' luck finally run out or his fans ran out of data, or like some people said on Twitter; they're all concentrating on matric finals and had no time to vote. 

When the announcement was made I wasn't so sure whether the audience was cheering for Terra or that Bevin was finally leaving. (sorry, not sorry)

Twitter on the other hand made it very clear that they were happy to see him go. 

This week the contestants had two themes for their two rounds: round one 'how it should have been' and round two 'my idol.'

I was really looking forward to one of the contestants performing "wash me nae nae" (looking at you Bevin), but alas no one was as brave as Ayanda. (Read more here)

One thing is for sure though, the competition seems to be taking its toll on some of the contestants, it's been a long road for them, in fact they have been at it since February/March. 

Right now it really is a psychological game and keeping your head in the game is crucial. 

Moving on to the performances…

Top 5 rating


Is it just me or does it feel like Lucia does the same thing every week. It's not like there's anything wrong with her performances it just lacks some oomph. She can sing but it's really boring. I find myself reaching for my phone and checking out Twitter or going to the kitchen to get a snack. And that's not what you’re supposed to do when someone is performing. 

Rating: 2/5


I'm probably one of the very few people who does not enjoy Thami's singing. He just doesn't move me. He's good at pulling out the theatrics and performing but he just lacks depth as a singer. But hey, that’s just my opinion. One thing I will give to him is that he does know how to choose a good song to show off his above-mentioned skills and the James Brown number was perfect if you like that kind of thing. Also, do we REALLY believe the godfather of soul is his idol?

Rating: 3/5


I am in two minds about Noma's performances this week. I didn’t like the arrangement of You Raised Me Up as there were too many crescendos, and yes we know she can hit those notes but was it really necessary for so many? I felt like the true meaning of the song was lost. While I liked the second song I don’t think it was a good choice, it is a relatively unknown song especially if you don't stan for Beyoncé. And at this point of the competition your main aim is to get votes. Also, can all those haters that Unathi keeps mentioning stand up. From what I've seen on social media everyone has positive comments about Noma. 

Rating: 2/5


To 'spice' up his performances this week Tebogo brought out his acoustic guitar. He's another one who can sing okay but he's just bleh. And once again he almost mimicked Asa in his second performance; sounding like another artist is NOT a compliment. I just want Tebogo to develop his own voice. Other than that he was just okay. Also can we just take a moment for his flawless skin, wow! Totes jealous.

Rating: 3/5


Oh Terra my heart goes out for him. The past two weeks have been very tough for him. Once again his first performance was bad. It started off well with the acapella intro but then it went into a rock rendition which just didn’t work. For his second round he took on a Mariah Carey song which he hit out of the park, but will it be enough to get him into top 4? It just seems like his head isn’t in the game anymore. And that's just sad. 

Rating: 2/5 

Watch all the performances here

(Photos: Mzansi Magic)

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