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Idols showstopper episode a spectacular flop!

2016-10-17 13:05

Cape Town – It seems like the curse of the Showstopper Night has struck again. I have officially made it a thing.

Just like last year's contestants bombed (read more here) the Top 7 did too.

Things started off really well, I had nothing but love for the opening number. 

Watch it here:

After Nosihe was put out of her misery (shem), we all saw that one coming after last week's shocker. The contestants went on to perform. 

Things went downhill after the group performance. 

I wasn't the only one not feeling the Top 7, everyone on Twitter had a lot to say about the unspectacular performances. 

But the judges on the other hand totally LOVED almost every performance. The only person keeping it real was Somizi who gave some really much needed tough advice. 

And I would like to reiterate his question, can the real Randall please stand up.

In general I felt like a lot more effort was put into dancing, and the stage props (come on, women in beds hanging from the ceilings WOW!) but there was just too much going on onstage.  

The singing on the other hand was sadly lacking. Yes, I know that a Pop Idol should be able to do all of the above BUT this is still a singing competition.

Top 7 rating

First up was Noma. I really felt sorry for her this week, she looked scared throughout the performance. Beyoncé's Sweet Dreams is not an easy song to take on. She sounded nasal, and sharp and just generally uncomfortable. It looked like she just wanted it to be over. This was an average performance. 
Rating: 2/5

Oh Bevin. I really want to know who keeps voting for him? Like seriously, stop! He just doesn't improve at all, he is still singing off key, and out of time and ear deafening sharp notes. He might have had the moves last night, but his performance sucked. Big time.
Rating: 1/5

Next up was 'Mr Smooth', Keegan. He really tried to channel Usher there, even down to the blast from the past silk head wrap. He was trying way too hard to be sensual and seductive it was actually a turn off. There we some off key notes and he was out of breath while singing. I wasn't really blown away by it. 
Rating: 2/5

Shame, Lucia. I don’t know what was happening with her last night, but she just didn't seem present during her performance. And after her performance, Lucia didn't look happy at all. I'm with Somizi on this one; I just didn't feel it at all. 
Rating: 1/5

Thank the gods for Terra! This is the performance of the night. He did what he does best which is sing. He kept the stage antics and the dancing to a minimum and focused on the singing. He is also the only contestant who stayed true to himself and maximised his strength. It seems like he is the only one who knows what kind of artist he wants to be. Good job!
Rating: 4/5

I just don’t get the hype over Thami. He is an average singer on his best night and last night was not one of them. He promised an epic performance but didn't deliver at all. It was weak and a bore. 
Rating: 2/5

I really felt sorry for Tebogo coming in to close the show after a lacklustre night. By the time he came up to perform I was ready for OPW to start. But boy did he surprise, he didn’t let a mic technical glitch get him down. It definitely rated as one of the best performances of the night, he had energy and the moves, and the singing wasn't too bad either.
Rating: 3/5 

Watch all the performances here

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