Is Married in a Flash TV's worst show?

2017-10-22 00:00

City Press review

Show: Married in a Flash

Channel: SABC (DStv 193)

Day and time: Wednesday, 19:30

So the SABC has added another wedding reality show to its line-up, *big whoop*. This is in addition to The Wedding Bashers on M-Net, if you haven’t grown tired of saying Yes to the Dress on TLC or trying to figure out Whose Wedding it is Anyway, now also on SABC. The idea behind Married in a Flash is to prepare for their wedding in three days. Couples who are selected are given R75 000 and 72 hours to pull everything together. On the fourth day, the ceremony happens.

Hosted by Nolu Malope, the first episode of this season kicks off with her surprising the groom at work and informing him that he will be getting married in a flash. I’m sure he knew though, as we all know these shows are scripted … poorly. They surprise the bride and, of course, in this episode she was tearful and happy about everything. The family is informed and then the couple share their meet cute in an interview/confessional set-up.

The whole thing is really cringeworthy and maximum cheesy. The show does put into perspective the price of getting hitched. The R75 000 is nowhere near enough for a quality wedding. This first couple’s day looked very cheap, not at all dream-like. I don’t even know what one would get from this show, I mean, even if you are a big fan of the idea of marriage. They tally the price of things and you watch the couple and family gear up for the day – that’s it. It isn’t shot particularly well and has that low-budget SABC feel to it. At times the camera work is also a bit suspect with a loss of focus and keeping Malope in frame even when other people are talking, which was a bit strange, like, who is she talking to?

The script, if there is one (there is always a script), is pap. No real humour or drama. I mean, what happens if the couple decide to spend more than R75 000? Game over? I don’t feel the need to mince words, this show is among the poorest I’ve seen this year. It had me craving to watch the Kardashians or some other nonsense reality show that is not pretending to be more than just a nonsense reality show. If you are in the process of organising your day, look out for the notebook graphic that lays out all the expenses, and let me know if you’re still thinking about it afterwards.

Watch a teaser here:

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