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It will take you 3 274 hours to watch everything released on Netflix in 2017

2018-08-17 07:00

Cape Town - 3 274 hours. Or roughly 8 months of your life non-stop if you want to watch everything new there is to see on the subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) service, according to the research of a British scientist.

Britain's The Daily Mail reports on new research from a scientist, Kinnari Naik of the University of Leicester, who worked out how long it would take for someone to watch everything new that's available on Netflix in the United Kingdom.

Leaving just a little time to continue to live like a semi-decent human being – eat, sleep, wash and using the bathroom – it would take someone 13 hours, 50 minutes and 40 seconds per day, for 236.5 days to watch everything on Netflix, according to her research.

Of course this would be for a jobless adult since there's no time to actually work.

Worked into the allocation is sleep for 7 hours per day, but only seven 5-minute visits to the potty, three 30-minute meals per day, and 15 minutes per day to wash yourself. 

Oh, and this calculation for watching, is not to watch everything that's available on Netflix. This is just for everything new that Netflix made available during 2017. It will take 236.5 days out of a 365-day year to just watch what Netflix released last year.

The rest of the roughly 129 days you have left in your year will be all that's left for the gargantuan remainder of the other Netflix content.

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