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Jamandi and Machiel: We never thought in a million years that we could win

2017-12-11 10:38

Cape Town – Jamandi and Machiel Bekker were crowned the first winners of My Kitchen Rules SA in an epic five course cook off finale on Sunday.

Channel24 caught up with the lekker Bekkers moments after they were announced as winners. 

Answering the question on everyone’s lips – what will they be doing with the money – Machiel says they have no idea what they are going to do with the money.

“I have to compliment the production they never gave away anything. You never knew if you were going to win. You saw how the competition was.”

“I was taught that you first earn something and then you dream about it. What I can tell you is that me and her are probably going to make love tonight, with the cheque next to us,” said Machiel.  

Jamandi added that she is still overwhelmed and cannot believe that they won. 

“We never thought in a million years that we could win. For the past three days we have just been crying and preparing ourselves that we were going to lose. This entire journey has been an amazing experience and learning from David and J’Something was one of the highlights.”

For the couple it seems as if the stars had aligned for their victory, their final day in the kitchen was on their 10 year anniversary and on the day they were announced winners, Jamandi’s parents celebrated their wedding anniversary.

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Participating in My Kitchen Rules SA is no easy feat as the cooking challenges got more demanding the further they progressed.

Speaking about how they prepared for the competition Jamandi said that she got home every night after filming and practiced while Machiel drank whiskey.

“I would call everyone I knew who were good chefs and ask them for advice,” said Jamandi. 

The most challenging dishes for the pair in the finale was the pork belly donburi main and the champagne jelly. 

“I knew the dish was going to be hard to pronounce and I had to skin five pork bellies. I was very worried about the pork belly,” said Machiel.

For Jamandi the gelatine wasn’t the one she was accustomed to and she had to figure out how to make her recipe work, hence remaking the jelly three times. 

She strongly disagreed with the judges critique of their coconut soup with maple and whiskey glazed bacon. 

“For me a soup must be hearty and I am sorry if it tasted like mielepap for them. I think it was a good soup and I will continue making it that way.”

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With the show being renewed for a second season Machiel had some words of wisdom for people wanting to audition. 

“When we went to audition we didn’t have a game plan, we were just going to be Jamandi and Machiel.”

“This competition is not just about making food it is about you handle yourself in an extremely stressful situation. David said the one thing he admired is how I loved and listened to Jamandi.”

“If you enter this competition you can’t just enter it for a show. You need to really know each other and listen to each other otherwise you are going to fall out. And go there as your true self don’t change who you are or it will backfire.”

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