Jody Haines is all grown up and heading back to The Deep

2016-11-09 17:00

Cape Town – In just a few days there will be a new Haines making his way to The Deep.

Baker Haines' son Jody Haines will take up residency in the small mining town in Isidingo on SABC 3.

The last time we saw Jody he was a preteen whose mom packed him up and left the country. On Monday, 14 November the young Haines returns to Horizon Deep. 

Garion Dowds, the son of Ashley Dowds recently made his big screen debut in Shepherds and ButchersThe young actor will be taking on the role of Jody Haines.

We chatted to him about his new role and got to know him a bit better.

When we last saw Jodi Haines he was a young boy – how old is Jodi now?

Jodi has just finished school; so he's about 17/18. He's a bit ahead of his peers in terms of maturity. He's looking into universities but he's on a gap year. 

Without giving away too much, who is Jodi Haines? What's his character like and what can we expect from him?

Jodi is a bit of a mystery he's obviously got a lot bottled up inside which he projects by being so care free. He resents his father a little in the beginning because he has been overseas and they don’t really know where their relationship stands. He definitely doesn’t know the value of money, he's a bit of a badass but he still has a good heart, he's just not one persona, there's more to him than what meets the eye with him.

Are there any similarities between you and your character?

I also like to party and go a bit wild, I definitely have a lot more value for money and we come from different backgrounds. I like to think that I am hopefully a bit better with girls. 

You're the newbie on the show, how have you been gelling with the rest of the cast? And how's your onscreen dad?

It’s been a lot of fun. It's a very fluid and natural environment. Working with Rob and the other actors is a great experience especially with Makgotso (Kamogelo) who I am quite close with in terms of storyline.  

You recently made you big screen debut, what's it like coming from a big film production to a daily soap?

Because the content of Shepherds and Butchers is so dark it makes every other role lighter. This role is a lot more fun and I didn’t feel as much of a weight on my shoulders. It's nice to have something different and just to keep myself busy with explorations and different characters. Isidingo is the show I have been wanting to work on for quite some time. 

Has your dad given you any tips about the industry?

No, my dad is quite horrified! (Laughs) We need an accountant/lawyer in the family, unfortunately we're all struggling artists in the family. He is not very chuffed but very proud. 

Are you ready for the fame that comes with being a soapie star in SA?

I wouldn't say I am ready, I'm actually not sure what to expect yet. If people like my work and appreciate the character then I'm happy.

(Photo supplied: Endemol)

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