AS IT HAPPENED: The Voice SA season 2 finale

2017-07-09 16:50

A minute-by-minute update of the live broadcast of The Voice SA finale in Johannesburg.


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09 Jul 19:10

09 Jul 19:08

Another win for #TeamKahn.

See you next season!

09 Jul 18:56

The winner of the Voice SA season 2 is Craig Lucas!

09 Jul 18:54

Wow. 1.6 million votes cast.

09 Jul 18:54

OMG, it's that time, the Voice SA season 2 winner is about to be crowned. 

09 Jul 18:47

Totes agree. 

09 Jul 18:44

The top 2 gave their all in their final performances. 

But only one will be crowned the winner. 

Who do you think will take it?

09 Jul 18:37

It will be a #TeamBobby and #TeamKahn showdown!

09 Jul 18:36

Josh and Craig are the Top 2!

09 Jul 18:34

Waiting for the Top 2 announcement.

09 Jul 18:31

Check out what's happening behind-the-scenes. 

09 Jul 18:28

The Voice finale is on steriods.

Great performances from the Top 4.

09 Jul 18:11

09 Jul 18:10

Craig's mom is the real MVP!

09 Jul 18:08

09 Jul 18:07

That was a beautiful performance by Caroline.

09 Jul 18:03

09 Jul 18:01

Here's what the winner will walk away with:

- A recording contract with Universal Music South Africa;

- R250 000 cash from Dialdirect; 

- A Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch, a Samsung Galaxy A8 smartphone, a Samsung Gear VR, a Samsung 360 camera, a Samsung iconiX set and a 65 inch KS9500 Samsung SUHD TV; 

- A Subaru Impreza 2.0 Premium CVT; 

- R100 000 worth of Truworths fashion

09 Jul 17:54

This performance was everything. 

09 Jul 17:53

Sad to see our fav Fatman leave. 

09 Jul 17:52

And the final spot goes to Samantha.

09 Jul 17:51

Hands down that was the best collaboration of the night!

09 Jul 17:49

It must be so nerve-wracking for Sam to wait to hear her fate.

09 Jul 17:42

Remember this?

It was one of our favourite moments.

09 Jul 17:39

PJ leaves the competition. 

09 Jul 17:36

09 Jul 17:34

One more spot 3 singers left.

Will PJ, Sam or Fatman join the Top 4?

09 Jul 17:33

Josh takes the third spot in the Top 4.

09 Jul 17:32


09 Jul 17:29

Craig is in the Top 4!

Get to know him a bit better. 

09 Jul 17:20

Looking good.

09 Jul 17:19

Oh no. Sads.

Luke is out of the competition. 

09 Jul 17:18

A well deserved standing ovation for that collab!

It was beautiful.

09 Jul 17:13

How cool were the coaches?!

09 Jul 17:11

Caroline is the first contestant in the Top 4!

09 Jul 17:09

One of them will be crowned the winner tonight!

09 Jul 17:07

Great opening performance.

09 Jul 17:03

The Coaches are rocking on stage!

09 Jul 16:52

Just a few minutes before the show kicks off. 

Find out what the Top 7 will be singing. 

09 Jul 16:50

The grand finale of The Voice SA is finally here. 

Join us for updates of all the action as it happens. 

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