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2017-06-09 12:42

Cape Town – Magician Adam Trent travels to 13 countries and gets to know locals through the wonder of magic on his new show. 

In The Road Trick exclusively on he performs mind-blowing feats with everything from mobile phones to playing cards in order to engage the people he meets – whether they’re students, shamans or supermodels. 

Adam opens doors to places and experiences that typical tourists never witness, granting him a unique opportunity to show us the world in a way that only a magician can.

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Fresh, funny, and anything but traditional when it comes to magic, Adam has appeared on numerous television shows like America’s Got Talent and starred in the Broadway hit The Illusionists.

He is the youngest and only magician ever to win back-to-back medals in the Pro Magic Challenge – one of the most prestigious magic competitions in the world.

We had a quick chat with Adam about his love for magic. 

Where does your love for magic come from?

I began when I was nine years old. I saw David Copperfield with my whole family and it was the first time that I remember three generations of family being equally entertained by something. Later that year I got a book on magic from my aunt and I was instantly hooked. 

You’ve done TV and Broadway – which is more challenging?

I don’t think it’s even a debate that magic is best experienced live. The biggest problem that magic on TV has, is that it is too hard to convince the viewer at home that there is nothing setup, nothing happening outside the frame of the shot, and no editing or CGI that alters what you’d see if you are there. As much as I love doing TV, getting the immediate response from a live audience is what made me fall in love with performing, so I think that will always be my favourite, even though it is certainly more challenging.

Which magician had the biggest influence on your career?

David Copperfield has always been my favourite. He is the reason I got into magic, and he continues to innovate and drive the art form forward. 

What’s the one trick that always blows everyone’s mind?

I’m currently cloning myself in my show. It’s a doozy.

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Your magic has taken you all over the world, which country stands out most for you?

Morocco was a mind blowing experience for me. Culture shock to say the least!

Have you ever been to South Africa?

Never, but I’d love to come some day!

How do you think being a magician has changed over the last few years? 

It comes down to the fact that there is a lot of good magic on TV and online lately, and when people see good magic, they want to see more. Magic goes through high and low periods like any other genre of arts, though it’s certainly hotter than I can remember it being in the last decade or so. 
New tech just means that whatever people associate as ‘normal items’ is changing. It used to be that cups and balls were ordinary items when magic first began. Now it’s iPhones and headphones, etc.

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