Married at First Sight's Khensani: Nothing can prepare you to marry a stranger

2017-11-03 07:00

Cape Town - Married at First Sight South Africa participant Khensani Maluleke was a blushing bride when she met her groom for the first time.

Her wedding to Patric Mbenenge was aired last Friday on Lifetime (DStv 131). 

However, as the day progressed the 30-year-old had a change of heart and during the reception she went over to her family and had some choice remarks about Patric's suitability for her as a match. 

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One of her main concerns was his financial situation which caused a lot of backlash on Twitter

In an interview with Channel24 Khensani says there was a lot to juggle during the reception. 

"At the reception I was trying to balance my own stress and heightened emotions, manage my family and friend's concerns, make sure that I protect my new husband and in-laws and also try to make sure that everyone had a good time."

She continues: "So there were lots of balls to juggle when I made the comments. At the time I didn't know any better and I am now learning from the incident, even the social media flack has helped me to do some serious introspection and if I were to go back and change what I said and did, then I would lose the lesson."

So what changed from the time she met Patric at the altar to the infamous blow out?

"It was brought about by the combination of both my own nerves and emotions as well as by a number of incidents at the wedding," says Khensani. 

She has been dealing with the social media backlash with the help of her friends and family. 

"My friends and family have relayed some of the backlash on social media to me, so I have heard about it. I am so blessed that I am surrounded by friends and family who are extremely loving and supportive and they really have been my pillar and crutch."

"I have also been writing a lot more lately to help with the introspection process and it has been helping me profoundly, I have even started a blog," says Khensani. 


Married at First Sight SA's expert psychologist Martsie Dreyer says candidates were paired based on similarities with a specific focus on their background, realistic expectations, financial management, religion, personality traits, values and interests.

"In terms of Patric and Khensani particularly; they share certain personality traits; they are also both private people and independent thinkers. Patric is very grounded and calm, while Khensani tends to be more easily stressed, so we felt that they would complement each other in that regard," says Martsie.

Did they take their financial situation into account when they paired Khensani and Patric?

According to financial expert Winnie Kunene Khensani did not see a partner earning less than her as a problem in the preliminary interview process. 

"After the wedding, she realised that financial stability was actually a concern for her. When I saw this was a concern on her wedding day, I had a chat with her and reassured her that she should take the process one day at a time. I also explained to her that Patric’s income fluctuated, as he is an artist, which she needed to wrap her head around," says Winnie.


For Khensani nothing could have prepared her for marrying a stranger. She says the experience is overwhelming, daunting and stressful.

"I do not think that you can ever mentally prepare to marry a complete stranger. Every single day brings about a new and dynamic element to the experience. I am excited and extremely nervous to see what the rest of the process holds for my husband and I."

Catch Married at First Sight SA season 2 Fridays at 20:50 on Lifetime (DStv 131).

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