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Mexican actress dishes on her role in new telenovela

2016-10-03 18:00

Cape Town - Mexican singer and actress Litzy stars in the intriguing new telenovela, Woman of Steel currently showing on Telemundo. 

The story centres on 28-year-old Sara whose wedding day is struck with a tragedy. The wedding between Sara and her beloved Vicente Acero (Damián Alcázar) is violently cut short when an armed gang attacks, murdering the groom and exposing his secret life of crime, as well as the $3m debt he leaves behind.

Now on the run from a drug kingpin and framed for a murder she didn’t commit.

While on the run Sara meets Aracely (Litzy) who becomes her best friend. 

We had a quick chat with Litzy about her role.

1. What attracted you to the role?

I was very attracted to the role of Aracely because she is a resilient woman who finds the strength to move forward despite adversity and hardship. She is also very different from me; in the first season of this drama we see her working as a prostitute and suffering from drug addiction. It has been very satisfying to portray this character in all her darkness and bring to light the story of a woman much stronger than her weaknesses portray her to be.
2. Will you tell us more about your character?

Aracely is very loyal and likeable. She’s also very bold. She is liberated, flirtatious, and kind-hearted, Her relationship with her family is not a good one; she is seen as the black sheep because of her addictions. But her friendship with Sara Aguilar, Señora Acero, helps her break away from her vices. Together, they form a great partnership and friendship. She becomes Sara’s unconditional accomplice and soul sister.

3. What do you like most about your character?

What I like most about Aracely is her loyalty. No matter what happens and what gets in the way, she will always remain loyal to those she loves and values. 

4. Did you watch telenovelas when you were growing up and did you have a favourite actress?

Yes, I did. I loved telenovelas from a very young age. I especially enjoyed watching Veronica Castro and Lucero, two of the most famous Mexican actresses of our times. 
5. Why do you think telenovelas are so popular?

I think telenovelas are popular because people identify with their characters and stories, which many times mirror the day-to-day struggles of the audiences who watch them. They also inspire viewers to escape from their world, and dream and believe, while being entertained. 

6. What do you want viewers to take from the series?

I would like for viewers to see the positive defining aspects of these characters, and it’s their determination to get ahead, and their conviction to fight for what they want, triumphing in the end. 

Catch Woman of Steel weekdays at 20:10 on Telemundo (DStv 118).

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