Mr Robot season three kicks off

2017-10-20 20:00

Cape Town - Hacker thriller series Mr Robot is the best thing on TV right now… if you’re a Showmax subscriber. The award-winning series is available exclusive to the internet streaming service now – if you’ve got a DStv Premium subscription, click here to find out about adding Showmax to your DStv for free.

FYI: you may want to re-watch season 2’s finale again – it’s been a while and you will have forgotten things!

Now let’s boot up: episode 1 doesn’t disappoint. It picks up where season 2 finished, with misguided hacker hero Elliot (Rami Malek) shot and bleeding out after trying to undo his latest hack against Evil Corp – aka the world’s biggest threat to all things cyber.

Push pause

Season 3’s first episode is a giveaway by its title: “power saver mode”. The storyline is slowed down dramatically and everything feels like it’s moving at a much slower pace – and that’s something fans can welcome because it gives you time to focus on the smaller details that you’d normally miss.

Elliot has been rescued and saved from being gunned down and he’s back at home trying to recover physically and mentally. But things have changed – and it’s going to set the tone for the season.

“There’s something different – I can’t feel or hear him anymore…”

Elliot is talking about Mr Robot, his dead dad Edward’s (Christian Slater) image that he’s been interacting with in his mind since day one. No more Mr Robot could mean that Elliot’s mission to destroy Evil Corp could be slowing down, but it wouldn’t be Mr Robot without a twist… because Mr Robot hasn’t gone anywhere; he’s just being a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

New coding

From the word go, fans will notice that season 3 is a lot darker – and that says a lot, given how serious and twisted and messy the previous instalments were. “We can expect that loyalties will be tested with very existential questions,” says Rami. “We have enough tender moments, but it’s the gut-check ones that get you.”

Fans can also look forward to new characters, starting in episode 1. Bobby Cannavale (from period musical drama Vinyl, 2016) plays used car salesman Irving in episode 1. You’ll have to look hard because he sounds nothing like his previous characters!

The emotional turmoil that Elliot goes through just in the first episode pretty much doubles anything he’s dealt with in previous seasons and you’re not sure if he’s imagining things or if it’s real. 

What is real though, is that Mr Robot isn’t playing games – Evil Corp and the rest of the TV world are going to have to fight to survive this season. Elliot is on a mission and blood will be spilled. 


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