New on Netflix: Meet the Justin Bieber of Instagram

2017-01-05 09:52
Cameron Dallas

Show: Chasing Cameron

Episodes: 10

Rating: 3/5

What is it about?

Go behind the scenes with social media sensation Cameron Dallas as he takes his career to the next level on an international tour.

What did we think?

If you’ve never heard of the name Cameron Dallas you’re probably older than 18.

The internet famous hunk is part of a new generation of social media celebrities who are stretching their 15 minutes of fame much longer than expected.

"You never know when this is going to end," Cameron himself admits in the new Netflix docuseries titled Chasing Cameron which chronicles the life of the 22-year-old’s rise to instant fame.

What kicked off as Cameron joking around on Vine and Instagram quickly exploded into a massive career that sees him touring the globe to meet his millions of followers.

Known as the "Justin Bieber of Instagram" the youngster’s fame and power simply can’t be underestimated. During an appearance at Men’s Fashion Week in Milan in 2016, Cameron’s fans flocked to his hotel in the hopes of getting a glimpse of him.

The crowd grew so big that the city was brought to a standstill causing a massive traffic gridlock that had the local police in a panic.

Of course Cameron gave the people what they came for as he stepped out on his hotel room balcony wearing only a pair of Calvin’s whilst the crowd went wild.

This and everything that happened after that is all captured in the star’s brand new Netflix series that’s currently available for download and streaming on the American video-on-demand service.

Coming to @netflix Dec 27th

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Most critics are calling it “fluff” but fans are totally in love. If you want to see what life is like when you are internet famous then this show is your ticket to the madness.

As Cameron struggles with embracing his new-found fame and keeping his personal life private, the viewer gets a glimpse into a somewhat chaotic life behind-the-scenes. It’s clear that even Cameron can’t cope with the pressures of always being in the spotlight.

A big part of the show centres around the Magcon tour. During the tour a group of guys that are “internet famous” get together and jump around on a stage in front of their screaming supporters. Afterwards the fans cough up a cool $200 to meet their social media crushes and pose with them for the obligatory selfie.

The guys are lined up against a branded wall and the girls start queuing for their 30 seconds with the lads. Cameron and the rest of the crew are used as props as thousands of girls pose, kiss, hug and jump on them – all in the name of the perfect Snap or Gram.

This is a new level of fame that bizarrely sees these boys turned into circus animals – and they aren’t coping with it at all.

Panic attacks, trips to the hospital and snapping under the pressure becomes the dark cloud that hangs over the entirety of this modern day docuseries.  

Of course the show isn’t for everyone, but it does give unprecedented insight into social media’s power to make a celebrity from somebody one day and to completely destroy them the next.

Watch Chasing Cameron on Netflix right now.

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