Our interview with a vampire

2016-03-17 09:10

Cape Town – Yes it’s true. We interviewed a vampire! (Well sort of.)

Olivia Olson, 23, is the quirky voice behind Cartoon Network’s favourite teen vampire queen, Marceline, from the hit programme Adventure Time. But now she’s getting her very own spin-off show!

Stakes will, for the first time, explore and explain the personality and history of Marceline. You can also look out for fascinating flashbacks to Marceline's past that viewers have never seen.

Channel24 had a quick chat with Olivia to find out what it’s like to be a vampire and to answer the burning question – #TeamEdward or #TeamJacob?!

How does it feel for Marceline to be getting her own show?

It’s so exciting! She’s always had such an intricate background story so I was just really happy to tap into that. We get to see Marceline as an individual, but we also see the close friendship she has with Finn, Jake and Bubblegum. Every episode is really about the four of them, and how they help Marceline with all her issues and stakes.

What would you say is the most challenging part of voicing an animated character?

I was taken by surprise when I found out about all the different monsters Marceline turns into. When I first booked the role I had only recited lines in her generic human voice. I had no idea I was going to be turning into all kinds of creatures so it was challenging but also fun to work out the different voices. I pretty much just went for it, and it was so bad to begin with but thankfully I work with such veterans in the voice acting world so I learned a lot from them.

Marceline is over thousands of years old, but stuck in her teenage years. How do you relate to her with the age difference?

She has definitely lived, and you’re going to see that in Stakes. There are a bunch of flashbacks where you can see where she has been in her life before the "Land of Ooo" even existed. For a long time after the mushroom war, she thought she was the only one left on the planet so that’s where she gets her mysterious loner qualities and I can definitely relate to that. I think anyone in the age bracket of their teenage years goes through the same thing of you can have friends but you still have to find your way in the world on your own regardless.

What does your typical work day look like?

We’re so lucky because we actually get to record in studio together in the same booth. Depending on everyone’s schedule, for the most part, the entire cast is there. It’s a lot of fun being able to play off the other characters, especially when John DiMaggio (Jake the dog) is in the booth. We can’t stop laughing.

What is your favourite vampire movie?

It’s a pretty cheesy one but I love Queen of the Damned with Aaliyah.

Are you #TeamEdward or #TeamJacob?

I tend to go back and forth, I was pretty obsessed with Twilight when it came out. But I’m kind of team Jacob although now, it’s all about team Marceline.

Watch a trailer for Stakes here:

Catch the premiere of Stakes in two marathon airings on Saturday, 19 March and Sunday, 20 March with 4 episodes each day starting at 09:20 on Cartoon Network (DStv 301).

(Screengrab: YouTube/Cartoon Network Africa)

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