PJ and Marzanne reveal rocky times after Power Couple SA exit

2015-12-04 12:20

Cape Town - Newlyweds PJ and Marzanne Kleinhans from Cape Town became the sixth couple to exit the show in Thursday night’s nail-biting and emotional semi-final episode of Power Couple SA.

Not everything is smiles and laughter as this couple gets candid about the rocky stages they went through after leaving the show.

The last challenge was really tough. What was going through your mind when the box finally dropped to the floor?

PJ: It was a huge mental challenge and I was constantly looking over Marzanne’s shoulder just to see how far they are from dropping the box. But it was really tough, especially after the horn went off and we saw we lost it. It wasn’t a lekker feeling.

Marzanne: I think at that stage the wind was blowing and I didn’t know what was going on. I knew we dropped ours but maybe they dropped theirs too. It was just so unreal.

Your formed a close friendship with Dyl and Vix in the villa. Are you rooting for them to take the win?

Marzanne: We are definitely rooting for Dyl and Vix. We have similar characteristics and had similar ways of playing the game so we’re definitely hoping they take it.

PJ: But we can’t forget about Emile and Razia.

Marzanne: The two of them just find a way and I think the viewers really enjoy them too so it’s anyone’s game.

How has your relationship changed and progressed after Power Couple?

Marzanne: When we left the Power Couple villa the first few weeks were dark. We weren’t allowed to share anything with anyone so we took a huge dip and just tried to lay low and process what just happened. It was rough between the two of us personally and in the relationship. PJ had a lot of guilt and I tried to explain to him that it wasn’t about the money and that shouldn’t be why we’re disappointed. It was more of a mental and emotional thing.

It was a lot of stuff to deal with and it did shake the relationship in the beginning. We were up and down a lot. But then we took the time and processed everything. Sitting here today we feel so proud because we actually won so many challenges. We were at the top of the leader-board and did amazingly well and grew in our relationship so things are much better now.

After watching the show with the rest of SA, are there things you would have done differently?

Marzanne: I am an over-thinker and I like to plan everything so after every challenge we would sit and chat about what we could’ve done better. There was a certain stage of the game where we really struggled to connect on an emotional level. We didn’t do well in the one challenge where we had to identify negative traits about one another. We completely missed the plot, but that is the only one we’re not proud of.

What was the highlight of your Power Couple experience?

PJ: I would never have done something like this. The whole journey, especially for Marzanne and I, has definitely made our relationship stronger than it was and we made some good friends too.

Marzanne: Watching last night’s episode showed me that you continue to learn and see yourself in a different light. I personally never want to be that nagging wife again! But the real highlight is that you get to work on your relationship and yourself and that’s amazing. It’s so cool to have that experience.

(Photos: supplied by Power Couple SA)

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