Q&A: Meet the new host of Man v Food

2018-02-04 00:00
Casey Webb

Johannesburg - In the Travel Channel’s popular Man v Food, Casey Webb travels around America to devour food few people can finish.

City Press' Grethe Kemp asks him about his biggest challenges.

When are you guys coming to South Africa?

I look forward to the opportunity if and when we can. At the moment, we’re still filming around the US and then the fourth season will be in Europe. But South Africa is definitely an option.

Before you took over from previous presenter Adam Richman, were you aware of Man v Food?

Yes, for sure. I’d watch it every once in a while and friends would talk about it.

In the restaurant business, people were always saying: “Oh my God, I love that show.” Now everyone tells me: “Oh my god, I wish I had your job.”

Was there any trepidation going in ... the idea of eating massive amounts of food?

I tend to have a competitive nature, and I grew up playing sports and being in the restaurant business and also acting. My two worlds collided. So this was something I knew I really had to prepare myself for, both physically and mentally.

When you know you are about to have a large meal, do you fast beforehand?

I start my day with a protein shake and drink only water leading up to the challenge. The real prep is done the night before. My last meal of the day is made up of raw veggies, greens and lots of water.

Have your family or health practitioners expressed worry about the large meals you eat?

Actually, they’re jealous. They want the best for me and know that I’m preparing myself accordingly before every challenge. As I always say, when you’re full, stop eating. Haha!

What has been the best food you’ve eaten on the show?

The US of A is saturated with delicious foods from state to state and region to region. There’s no question about it. Travel around, explore and you’ll discover for yourself.

For me, making creole gumbo from scratch with 95-year-old Leah Chase at her restaurant (Dooky Chase’s) in New Orleans, Louisiana, was my greatest food experience.

What has been the hottest food you’ve eaten on the show?

The diablo burrito in Portland, Oregon, was brutal in season one. But Big Shake’s hot chicken “death row” challenge in Nashville, Tennessee, ... Woooooah man! That one takes the cake. I mean, chicken! Haha!

What has been the worst food you’ve eaten on the show?

The worst is when it’s all gone. Haha!

Watch Man v Food every Saturday at 21:00 on Travel Channel (DStv 179).

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