Rosewood star gives us all the hot deets on season 2

2016-11-29 09:35

Cape Town – The hot TV duo Dr. Beaumont Rosewood Jr (Morris Chestnut) and detective Annalise Villa (Jaina Lee Ortiz) are back on our screens. 

Season 2 of Rosewood airs every Monday at 20:50 on Universal Channel (DStv 117).

See the trailer here:

In a recent telephone interview we asked Jaina Lee Ortiz about the new season, what’s happening with her character's relationship with Rosie and to dish on what it's like working with Morris Chestnut. 

How has your character grown or changed this season?

My character has done a complete 180. In season 1 Villa was struggling a lot to cope with the loss of her husband, her relationship with her mom and trying to allow for someone new to come into her life, whether it is a friend or someone more than a friend.  In season 2 she is more vulnerable and opening up a bit more. I love what you are going to see of her.

In season 1 your character's relationship with Rosie ended on a tentative note. Where is your relationship at the beginning of the new season?

At the beginning of season 2 Rosie and Villa are still at the awkward phase, they’re not sure to pick up where they left off or to make up when they're on a new case. I think the situation that they’ve gone through makes them stronger as friends and partners and that will only lead to a stronger relationship.

In your opinion do you think that dating would strengthen their relationship or spoil it?

If Rosie and Villa started dating I feel like it would help them. A lot of fans have said that it would hurt their working relationship. And you know what they say, 'don’t mix business and pleasure.' However, I feel like in their situation it would lead to a happy ending because they have so much love and trust in each other. 

Eddie Cibrian joins the team this season. Can you tell me a bit more about his character?

He's the new captain at the precinct. He comes in as a very mysterious character. You're not sure what to read from him, he's hot one minute, he's cold the next. But the more we work with him the more he opens up and reveals his hidden secrets. 

Your dad is a homicide detective did you give any tips on playing one?

He has been big such a big help for me, he's only a phone call away. There were times when I didn't know how to approach a situation or a case and he gave me guidance. Having a dad who is a detective made it easy for me to channel him.

Do you and Villa have anything in common?

Yes (laughs), I am very fiery, strong, tough and sassy. There are a lot of Villa's qualities that I admire. She's can be a little closed off and hard on the exterior but she has a heart of gold. She is extremely loyal, and that's what I relate to.

You work very closely with Morris Chestnut and everyone fans out about him, what's the one thing about him that will surprise fans?

He has such a sweet tooth, I think he's a sugar addict. He loves sweets and not matter what he eats his body stays the same. With his long resume you would assume that he is arrogant but he is the nicest, kindest, down to earth gentleman. He is the sweetest guy and he loves anything that's sweet which I guess just makes him sweeter. (laughs)

What is it about the show that makes it so addictive?

It's two found. On the one had it's a procedural with a new case every week and other the other hand there is also the personal drama of the characters. People want to see what happens in the interpersonal relationship and it’s also the thrill of solving the crime with us. I think it’s this combination that makes it addictive, it's something new every episode. 

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