SA Bake Off winner: Third time's a charm!

2017-12-13 11:10

Cape Town – After a gruelling five weeks in the Great South African Bake Off tent Bianca Breytenbach was announced the best amateur baker in the land.

The 30-year-old social worker from Cape Town had an incredible journey with both highs and lows.

“There were a few moments where I thought that I could win this but there were also other moments when I was thinking what the heck am I doing here?”, says Bianca during a telephone interview with Channel24.

When she was announced the winner in the nail-biting finale Bianca said she wasn’t sure if she heard her name. She paused and then it sunk in that she was the winner of the third season of the popular baking show. 

Filming wrapped up a few weeks ago and she found it very hard to keep the secret. 

“It was very hard to keep a secret but I kept on telling myself it was only a white lie and now I can finally share it with everyone,” says Bianca.

Bianca’s Bake Off journey actually started three years ago. She wanted to enter the competition from the first season but missed the cut off date.

When the second season came around she was afraid her boss wouldn’t give her time off from work as the series is filmed in Johannesburg. 

When applicants for season 3 opened she immediately entered and her boss has been supportive throughout the entire season.

 “I guess it all came down to timing, and that season three was my season. I am so excited and very grateful for the incredible experience,” says Bianca. 


Bianca’s favourite week in the tent was Retro week in which she produced the incredible Ndebele inspired swiss roll. 

“I am quite retro and kitche too,” she adds. 

Her worst bake was her apple pie which she says, “the rivers of Babylon opened up from.”

Speaking about the inspiration behind her winning dark chocolate, coffee and hazelnut occasion cake showstopper Bianca says it was an an ode to her family. 

“They are fond coffee lovers, the cheesecake in the middle was a dedication to my fiancé whose favourite dessert is a chocolate cheesecake. Most of the people in my family also love Ferrero Rocher – that was the hazelnut flavour – it was a celebration of my family and all the things that they love.”


Bianca says her Bake Off experience has made her a more adventurous baker. 

“The entire experience has made me braver. You know how you usually have your favourite bakes and what you think you make really good.”

“Post Bake Off I have come back wanting to make more interesting things and challenge myself by trying different flavours and pushing the boundaries.”

As for her future plans, first off is her wedding next year in January which some of the Bake Off contestants will be attending. 

She hopes to put her Bake Off win to good use by combining it with her professional job. 

“Some of my clients have special needs and the kids are really good with sugar work and baking. In the future I hope to combine the two and start a job creation project. I can’t say for certain when and how but it is something I have been thinking about and really want try.”

(Photos supplied: BBC)

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