Sarah Jessica Parker reveals shocking theory about 'Sex and the City’s' Carrie Bradshaw

2019-10-24 12:25
Sarah Jessica Parker. (PHOTO: Getty/Gallo images)

Cape Town - Sarah Jessica Parker has revealed an interesting theory about her Sex and the City character, Carrie Bradshaw – and it might change how fans watch the show.

In a recent interview with, the 54-year-old actress revealed that Carrie’s trio of girlfriends – Miranda Hobbs, Charlotte York and Samantha Jones – may never have existed at all.

"Think about it: did Carrie make them up?" she said.

"She’s telling a story every week. This is her point of view, it’s almost always her point of view."

In the final season of the hit series, which aired from 1998 to 2004, Carrie leaves her laptop in New York and flies out, alone, to pursue a romance with artist Alexander Petrovsky in Paris, Daily Mail reports.

The actress pointed out it’s the first time in the series her character isn’t telling the story – which could indicate the laptop was the conduit through which her friends could exist, FOX News reports.

Sarah also spoke about the show’s popularity and why fans still love it.

"These friendships, real or not real, as described were beyond a source of joy and a connection and a way of relating; they were a necessity.

"I think that really made an impact with audiences because either they were feeling that way . . . or they wanted to feel that way."

(Sources:, Daily Mail, FOX News)

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