Soapie teasers: 16 January 2017

2018-01-16 09:07

7de Laan

Matrone is determined to find out the truth. Xander loses a great friend.

Days of our Lives

Brady doesn’t believe Theresa is pregnant, but she reminds him of the times they were together without protection. He finally concedes it’s possible, but that doesn’t mean the child is his. Hope and Aiden are making plans for a date when Nicole interrupts, wanting to do a story on Aiden. He refuses. When she pushes, he totally overreacts. Hope confides in Rafe that she’s curious about how evasive Aiden has been. Later, Hope decides to check him out online and is stunned to learn Aiden was held for questioning regarding his wife’s death. Rafe sees Chad and Jordan kissing. Abigail and Jordan meet the hospital’s newest patient, Paul Narita. He flirts with both of them. While Abigail has no idea who he is, Jordan recognizes him as a star baseball pitcher.


Gog’Flo refuses to attend Getty’s sangoma ceremony. Fana is starting to fall for Ntombi. Zondiwe urges her partner-in-crime to make her move.


The lobola negotiations proceed. Duma surprises Mabuyi with a big decision. Zanele plants a dark seed in Qaphela’s mind.


Lalage suspects her children are hiding something from her. As Gabriel begins his counselling, Sechaba doesn’t trust he can change and Nina hints that she’s going to collect what Gabriel owes her. Lerato decides to hold a hair show to outshine the competition. 


Tenda wants to get rid of Gugu. Hangwani asks Gizara to help her. Mpho has some bad news for Thendo.

Rhythm City

David withdraws only to consider a new attack. Suffo and Sabelo are under strain in jail. Emmanuel is the victim of a crime.


Despite measures being taken to prevent it, disaster strikes - but not in the way it was meant to. Stokkies hopes to be picking up the pieces when everything goes wrong. Gloria is unexpectedly rebuffed, and it's the end of an era in Soweto.

Skeem Saam

Lehasa’s problems exacerbate. More pain emanates from Noah’s DNA results. Kat is worried about losing Candice.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Katie struggles with what to do with incriminating evidence that could possibly be construed as a threat to another. Quinn plans to surprise Eric with a slight modification to the backyard of the Forrester mansion. As Quinn is testing out the gift, Ridge inadvertently witnesses a side of her that he’s never seen before. Rick scoffs at Ridge’s interpretation of his latest run-in with Quinn.

The Queen

The Drowning

It seems that the Khozas have lost another family member. Refilwe takes Jerry’s news badly. Gracious and Goodness brace themselves for another war.


Qhabanga is uncontrollable, chasing danger and thrills. Thobile outdoes herself getting praise and admiration from the choir. The contest over the leadership of the church comes to an explosion.

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