soapie teasers: 18 May 2018

2018-05-18 09:51

7de Laan

Vince is sceptical about Justin’s behaviour. Hilda invites Jacob to dinner. Olivia realizes what Matrone is trying to hide.

Day of our Lives

Jennifer bolsters JJ for his possible reunion with Paige, while Daniel and Abigail start to twig to the idea that JJ's been keeping a secret. Paige blows off Cole to meet with JJ, who makes his pitch to reunite. JJ tells Paige he cannot live without her and asks if she will give him another chance. Will puts the screws to Tori, telling her he will reveal to Paul her secret – that Paul's father is a DiMera. Tori doesn’t confirm or deny, she just promises to get Paul out of town immediately after the little league benefit. As Eric confides his worry to Marlena that Serena may be leaving town, Nicole challenges Serena over her assertion that there is only one elephant statue. 


Gadaffi continues to lure in his ex. Mazwi lies to further the aim of the alliance. Gog’Flo isn’t happy when Getty uses her kitchen as a waiting room.


The Ngwenyas are shocked to learn of a terrible mishap at the Chisa Nyama. Ngwebedla gets closer to his unsuspecting target. The results from Thandeka’s test are not good.


Mayor Nolwazi’s visit to the hotel comes with a surprise welcome gift from the FFC. Kgothalo tries to convince her mother to be wary about Lincoln. Hendrik and Zandre refuse to let bygones be.


Teboho’s tactic to reveal the altercation video backfires. Imani makes a startling discovery about Meme. Moliehi almost faints when Thobile comes to serve her at Dukathole.

Rhythm City

Zolani surprises Nomalanga. Bongi is beginning to crumble. Mzi and Pearl are longing for each other - even if they don’t know it yet. Jafta tries to hide the truth about his son from Bee. 


A woman can't help giving into temptation. A grandmother and grand-daughter connect while a father and son look to work out the way forward. A battle of the sexes kicks off, literally and figuratively. 

Skeem Saam

Kwaito receives a dangerous visitor at his doorstep. Petersen surprises Lehasa with a search warrant for Cafe Rovuwa. Charles is not too happy with a newspaper article about Wallet.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Thomas and Coco watch in disbelief as Sally proudly accepts accolades for her new collection while Jarrett is absolutely convinced that the dresses are Forrester knock-offs. Saul is happy to take a string of orders, just before Shirley quickly thanks the spectators for coming. Coco is devastated to learn that she was used as a means to spy on the Forresters - and that her sister Sally agreed to this plan. Sally runs after Thomas who angrily accuses her of stealing from him and his family's hard work. Sally tries to make Thomas understand her level of desperation - and that her feelings for him were genuine. A deeply disappointed Thomas bids Sally goodbye. Knowing that R.J. hoped for his parents to be reunited, Brooke consoles her son.

The Queen

Strange Proposal

Brutus is angry at Harriet, and threatens to leave. Aunt Bongi asks Shaka not to harm Prince. Madimetja reveals a shocking letter.


MaMlambo gets a new look that turns heads. Thobile finds herself in an uncomfortable corner with the Mumsy saga. Mondli’s debt grows, but his pride won’t allow him to go for the solution staring him in the face.

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