Soapie teasers: 24 April 2018

2018-04-24 09:40

7de Laan

Hilda is positive about the future. Bonita struggles to find her feet. Charmaine is happy to have a full house again.

Day of our Lives

Serena is stunned to find out Eric has given away the elephant statue and despite some casual pressing, he doesn’t come right out and tell her who has it. JJ fears Paige knows the truth about his affair with Eve but she bolts before he can question her. JJ tracks down Daphne, who reveals Paige accused her of sleeping with him. He runs into Paige, and she denounces him once and for all. Melanie turns to Nicole for help in learning more about Dr. Mandrake. At first Nicole is resistant, but Melanie offers to put in a good word for her with Daniel. Nicole accepts her deal and later conducts an in depth search on the doctor. Theresa overhears a conversation between Brady and Maggie and assumes he’s trashing her. She vents to Anne, who takes matters into her own hands by spiking Brady’s coffee. 


Lesedi’s plan to get back at Jason backfires on her. Getty blurts out the truth about Bra’Pops’ death. Pam punches a guy in the face.


Mkabayi feels undermined by Mpiyakhe.  Shadrack finds comfort in an unusual place. Kaone innocently seeks help from Ntandane, but he takes it the wrong way.


Things come to a head when Hendrik puts his foot down with Lalage. Benjamin gets cocky with a board member, but Sechaba calls him out for it. Morongwa feels the pressure on the first day at the hotel.


Gizara makes Mulalo an offer that is very difficult to refuse. Brother Max puts Gugu in a friendzone. Ranthomeng gives Imani what she wants, but it might be too late to save their marriage.

Rhythm City

Bongi takes Lungile and Bash to task and Lungile goes on a bender. Musa wants to get rid of Rene and Madikgetla - but David is in his way. 


A man is given hope of freedom, but nothing is as simple as it seems.  A young woman clings to the hope that she can change the man she loves.  A greedy grandmother is delighted when a chance for deception lands in her lap. 

Skeem Saam

Principal reveals who drew the rude picture of Alfred, much to everyone’s surprise. Rachel has a sinister plan to get Alfred’s car. Elizabeth Thobakgale receives a call from an unlikely individual with an unlikely request.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Steffy and Ivy participate in a photo shoot on the stairs of the famous Sydney Opera House just hours before the wedding. At the hotel, Liam thanks Bill for coming to Australia knowing that seeing Brooke with Ridge is hard for his father. Eric raves to Quinn that she is more than he could have ever dreamed for as a wife. Brooke reminds Katie that she wants no more talk about Ridge and Quinn. In another room, Sally receives pressure from Shirley to take secret pictures at Steffy's nuptials to score some much-needed publicity for Spectra Fashion. Back in Australia, Steffy thanks Ivy for her help as they get hair and make-up done. Ivy reflects that she is Liam's past, and Steffy is his future. As the families gather on a stunning site overlooking the Sydney harbor, Liam is shocked that Thomas brings Sally Spectra as his date. The ceremony begins when, suddenly, Steffy clad in lace makes a bold entrance zip-lining from the Opera House right to the altar.

The Queen


Shaka and Brutus make an exciting discovery. Brutus admits a painful reality. Patronella walks into the wrong room at the wrong time.


Nkunzi is betrayed and Mxolisi puts MaNgcobo in a corner. GC is determined to get what he wants.

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