Soapie teasers: 26 February 2018

2018-02-26 10:48

7de Laan

Jacob is on a mission to find out what is going on at his house. Marko and Esti are head over heels in love with each other.

Days of our Lives

Eve and JJ have angry sex, and both feel terrible about it afterwards. JJ realizes it’s truly over for him and Paige. He agrees he’ll send her a breakup text and end things. His heart is breaking when he goes home and throws away his gift for Paige. Will continues his interview with Paul. Will is still in Paul’s hotel room when Sonny calls Paul to apologize for accusing him of playing games. Not knowing it was his husband on the line, Will then asks Paul if everything is okay. Maggie and Jennifer argue Aiden’s case with Julie. Meanwhile, Hope is upset about Doug’s negative reaction to Aiden. Ciara works her magic on her grandpa, who realizes he’s been too harsh and agrees to talk to Aiden.


Pam helps herself to cash from Michael’s wallet. Nandi launches her cancer foundation. Mazwi’s brother-in-law deliberately riles him up.


The aftermath of the violent battle leaves a bloody and shocked group of survivors. Although revenge sounds sweet, now they have to face reality.


Does Nikiwe have any chance of surviving Nina’s onslaught? Lerato pleads with Sechaba to get their marriage back on track. Anja has high hopes for her and Ben despite Wendy’s warnings. 


Vhutshilo sees a dark side to Konanani. Rashaka reads Gugu’s mind. Azwindini and Livhuwani grow closer.

Rhythm City

Lerato is onto Bongi and Bash. Suffo and Puleng move against the Baporofeta. Things are too good to be true for Fats.


A young man makes a bid for freedom, and a mother starts to become concerned about her son. A wife is caught out in a lie, but tries to deflect by making an accusation. A boss's best intentions are misinterpreted.

Skeem Saam

Leshole’s first day back home begets a host of other problems. Eunice’s big reveal of her new boyfriend falls on the wrong ears. Kwaito is confused by Mr. Spiller’s mixed signals.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Steffy becomes confused during her meeting with Wyatt when Carter arrives and she receives gifts and surprises. Frustrated, Liam shares with Bill the ultimatum that he issued to Steffy. Ridge is unsure of how to answer when Eric questions him about his and Quinn’s trip to the San Francisco symposium. Quinn has a difficult time keeping her mind off of Ridge and feels guilty about being emotionally unfaithful to Eric.

The Queen

Deep in Lies

Bakang instructs Vuyiswa to tell Jerry the truth. Onica makes a dramatic visit to the Khoza mansion.


The news is out about who killed MaNzuza. Everyone is numb with shock. Some are celebrating but others will never be same when the secret is finally revealed.

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