Soapie teasers: 27 September 2017

2017-09-27 09:56

7de Laan

Will Willem tell Mariaan’s secret or keep it to himself? Is there new love on the horizon for Lesedi?

Days of our Lives

Sami finally breaks down and reveals to Caroline how much EJ’s betrayal has hurt her. She also admits that despite all, she still loves him. Caroline advises her granddaughter not to focus on anger and revenge but to deal with her emotions so she can heal. Kate meets up with Clyde and is disappointed when he relays he had a “happy” reunion with his kids. He then warns that if she doesn’t help him break up Rafe and Jordan, he will expose her part in bringing him to town. Jordan and Clyde clash over the past and Ben finally confesses to Abigail that Clyde is his father and Jordan is his sister.


Cosmo isn’t happy to hear what Gadaffi wants him to do. Zitha is nervous about admitting she’s a JMEC shareholder. AK plays his trump card.


The Ngwenyas reel Iris in as Beauty sets their plan in motion. The Zungus repay Bhekumuzi for his loyalty. Thandeka apologises to S’bu. Meanwhile, Sihle is paying for her sins.


Horizon Deep is still reeling with shock after the shoot-out. Nina is unpleasantly surprised, but doesn’t take her defeat lying down. After Rajesh’s injury, the couple appear to be in a state of bliss. But will it last?


Livhuwani confronts Tenda about the envelope. Then she discovers her stolen briefcase. Matshidiso finally gets the upper hand over KK. Vhutshilo makes a wise career decision for 2018.

Rhythm City

David and Andiswa try to con Jacob out of his diamonds. Bongi and Quanita try to execute their escape plan. Lerato tells Lungile that she will not allow him to be a father to their child. Cuba warns Puleng against Wiseman.


A spy witnesses what appears to be an incriminating liaison, and a young man scrambles to try and save a criminal's life. Stokkies drops broad hints in the hope that they will be picked up. A discussion about forgiveness plants the seed of an idea.

Skeem Saam

Charity loses her confidant. Sthoko is fuming when MaNtuli asks her about her secret. Something is terribly wrong with Meikie’s health.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Having an ulterior motive of her own, Katie offers Ridge an additional option to his plan that would benefit him in another area of his life. Convinced that Ivy will be a valuable asset to her, Quinn makes an offer that she can’t refuse. Quinn immediately goes to work on using Ivy as her pawn to reunite Wyatt and Steffy. Bill wants to start a life with Brooke as soon as possible now that his marriage to Katie is no longer an issue.

The Queen

Drunken witness

Sandra destroys Boi on the stand. A loved one continues to drive a wedge between Gracious and Goodness.


Has Thobile finally met her Mr Right? Has MaNgcobo finally rid herself of Innocentia? Mumsy pulls another stunt right under Mastermind's nose.

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