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Soapie teasers: 31 May 2018

2018-05-31 09:45

7de Laan

Alexa defends Justin. Esti is starting to doubt her relationship with Marko. Will she be able to accept his past?

Day of our Lives

John and Aiden’s fundraiser for underprivileged kids is in full swing, and while Ciara and Chase have fun, Aiden and Hope share a little romance. After Will realizes John might be Paul’s father, he deletes the article on Paul and tells Marlena he’s seen the light.  John tells Marlena he ran into Tori – he had a one night stand with her years ago when Kristen married Tony and Marlena was working things out with Roman. Marlena’s wheels begin to turn and she calls Will on the real reason he deleted his article – not because it was none of his business, but because Paul isn’t a DiMera, he’s really John’s child! Premiere episodes of Days of Our Lives air on Mondays to Fridays at 17h15. It also airs on eExtra, from Mondays to Fridays at 14h20. Episodes air a day later on eExtra. 


An unsavoury business meeting leads to a breakthrough for the alliance. Having hit rock bottom, Michael decides to end things once and for all. Lucy is shocked when the last person she expected comes knocking for help.


S’bu finds a moment of joy when he connects with his son. Ngwebedla is devasted when Sunday exerts his power over him. Iris makes Samson a sound business proposal, but also offers him a chance at revenge.


When intimidations fails, Clive decides to use emotional blackmail to try and solicit Wendy’s forgiveness. Sechaba finds himself caught up in the middle of a political battle. Gabriel presents Nina with an offer he thinks she can’t refuse.


The race for the Chieftainship is disturbed by a surprise arrival. Meme pretends to have forgiven KK, while she plans his death. The gloves are off between Moliehi and Thobile.

Rhythm City

Mzi tells Sabelo who Pearl really is while Pearl agrees to another date. David wants to make some changes at Red. Melusi gives Mapula an unpleasant surprise. 


An unlikely alliance is formed to bring down a dangerous man.  A blast from the past rattles Ingrid. Old enemies decide to let sleeping dogs lie. 

Skeem Saam

A serious breach of the law is exposed and causes a major showdown between two enemies. An offer of reconciliation causes much turmoil and is met with uncertainty. Someone plays hard to get when they are unexpectedly wooed.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Sally calls Thomas to apologize for stealing the designs. Coco arrives at Spectra Fashions and informs Sally that she intends to give the police a statement regarding the theft of the collection. Maya, Rick, Zende and Nicole marvel over Lizzie. Later, Nicole defends Coco while Rick and Zende think that there is no reason why Coco should be exempt from taking responsibility for the crimes of her family. Sally and Coco drive over to Forrester Creations where Lt. Baker is already waiting.

The Queen

Weddings and babies

Mamiki is having her cake and eating it too. Shaka plays Madimetja like a guitar.


When Nkunzi won’t make love to her, MaNgcobo turns to the only person she trusts, not knowing that she is behind Nkunzi’s low libido. When Mumsy goes too far, Thobile puts her foot down and shows her where the line is. Elsewhere, Fikile decides to stop hiding and do something to solve her and Sbu’s financial problems.

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