Soapie teasers: 4 April 2018

2018-04-04 09:23

7de Laan

Xander tries to keep his client’s reputation intact. Connie is nervous about her date later today.

Day of our Lives

Paul tells Sonny his biggest regret isn’t losing his career – it’s losing Sonny. Sonny encourages him to move on. Paul takes a call from his mom and tells her what he’s kept from her for so long: he’s gay. Abigail walks in on Chad and Ben and overhears Chad repeat the cheap remarks he made to Ben to provoke him into a fight. Abigail’s hurt but promises she won’t tell Jordan what he said. Later, Chad gives Jordan the bad news – the D.A. isn’t dropping the charges against her brother. Paige runs into Cole and mentions how she’s considering Theresa’s advice to check JJ’s phone to find out who he slept with. JJ and Eve have an angry encounter, both fighting the sexual tension just beneath the surface. Aiden is surprised when Hope returns, having forgotten her passport. He hides his nerves when she then learns she’ll be stuck with him at the vacation house overnight because the bridge is out.


Getty lies to Tau that she is fine. Wandile’s plan to fix things goes horribly wrong. Jack has had enough and decides to play dirty.


Samson makes a decision regarding Pleasure. Ngwebedla tries to win over Ma’Cele but she gives him an ultimatum. Iris watches Mpiyakhe and her son bond.


The town is present to witness the historic moment of the Duncan Hotel sign coming down - The end of the Haines era. Kgothalo and Mmakgosi have a little tiff when Mmakgosi mentions Tyson’s name again. Anja vows to help her mother reinvent herself.


Azwindini reveals a horrifying truth about Ndiwanga. Moliehi’s past comes knocking on her door and she’s disgusted. Imani gives Ranthomeng an ultimatum.

Rhythm City

No one wants to take Mampho seriously about Reneilwe’s abduction and Kop blames her for it. Meanwhile, the clock is ticking. Bongi has a dark plan for Bash.


A man under pressure gets concrete proof about who his real enemy is. A surprising revelation makes someone feel very foolish. A person is caught in a sticky situation and lies to try and get out of it.

Skeem Saam

Kwaito makes a painful discovery that will change his life. Rachel plants an idea in Nimza’s mind that could make him tread on the dark side. Meikie is surprised and puzzled by the priest’s decision.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Liam and Steffy call the family together to announce the destination for their nuptials. Eric, Quinn, Brooke, Ridge and Ivy enthuse over Steffy and Liam's decision to marry in Australia. Bill joins the gathering and spars verbally with Ridge upon the notion that Brooke and Ridge might also get hitched Down Under. Pam joins Thomas, R.J. and Charlotte for interviews with prospective interns. At Spectra Fashion, Shirley tries to convince Sally that her sister is their way back to respectability - by serving as a mole to get the inside scoop on some genuine Forrester designs. Sally uses her friendship with Thomas to her advantage by requesting he interview Coco for an internship position.

The Queen

Bury the dead

Harriet finally notices that something is wrong with Kea. Tebogo earns the respect of the drivers. Mmabatho catches Goodness and Martha red handed.


How much can you trust your friends, your family or your partner? Can you trust your friend to give you a second chance? Or that your partner won’t cheat on you? What if your partner stole money from you?

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