Sopaie teasers: 22 May 2018

2018-05-22 12:10

7de Laan

Charmaine tries to keep the peace in the Meintjies family. Connie is excited about the opportunity ahead.

Day of our Lives

Sonny lets Will know he ran into Paul upon returning to Salem, and Will’s fears and paranoia come charging to the surface.  Adrienne comes to visit Sonny and admits she knows about Will’s affair. Serena finally gets her hands on the contents of the mysterious elephant statue, revealing a stash of precious diamonds. Abigail visits Ben for a night of homework and a little romance. Ben throws her for a loop when he asks her to move in with him. She insists she’s flattered but isn’t ready to take that next step. 


Lesedi thinks she might’ve found the perfect boyfriend. Lucy gets angry when her sister insults her man. Tshidi comes up with a new way to pull of the seduction.


Iris is confronted with the truth about her taxis. Sunday is not happy to learn of an added complication to his plan. Thandeka’s decision about the baby does not sit well with the Zungus, or the Ndlovus.


Lalage quits her job at the hotel. Eddie warns Benjamin against Lincoln. Seline flirts with Zandre.


Vho-Makhadzi arrives to restore order in the Royal house and she declares that she will find out who poisoned Rendani. Meme is taken aback when KK owns up to his mistakes. A slightly older but rich and handsome stranger catches Thobile’s eye.

Rhythm City

Rene’s song launches and the event holds surprises for everyone - not least for Pearl and Mzi. Bash insists on meeting with Lungile. 


Dintle is disturbed to glimpse a terrifying face from her past.  Chumani is resolved to move on with his life, despite one family member's anger over how another has treated him.  The men's Futbol team's confidence is slightly shaken by the mystery surrounding a teammate's ability. 

Skeem Saam

Leeto hears devastating news about Kwaito from an equally shocked Petersen. Francois has good and bad news for Lehasa. Wallet has a change of heart but it might just be too little, too late.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Jarrett informs Bill and Wyatt that the Spencer skyscraper will remain a vision as the Spectra Fashion. Bill's mood lightens up considerably when Brooke pays him a visit. Steffy rails into Thomas for ignoring her warnings regarding Sally. Coco confronts Sally about being used as a mole after having made herself clear that she did not want to be a part of any scheme. Sally tearfully justifies her actions to her sister. Later, Steffy makes an unannounced visit to Spectra Fashion to taunt her.

The Queen

The Assault

Mmabatho makes a shocking decision, as Shaka is ready to fight for her. Thato goes against his uncle’s warnings.


MaMlambo and Nkunzi are spending more and more time together. Can they resist the attraction or will MaNgcobo catch them?

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